Retail Summit 2017 program: Digital transformation drives the change of the retail market
Published 12/5/2016

Retail Summit 2017, taking place on 30. 1. - 1. 2. 2017 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will focus on no-line retail. Main attention will be given to the forecast of retail trade and to innovations, changing shopping pattern and retail business itself. The program highlights the dialogue between the leaders of brick&mortar and internet trade. In that context, topics like customer experience, seamless retailing or e-Commerce consolidation will receive the biggest space in the program.

Digital transformation is a challenge which changes our prejudices and obliges us to think out of the box
Published 10/4/2016

After last year pilot edition, the conference CIO Agenda was held in Park Inn Hotel Prague on October 4. Almost one hundred participants among CIO, CTO and CEO gathered at this event to be inspired by solutions of digital transformation, efficiency and diversity in work team, search for new talents and motivation. The final panel discussion offered new perspectives on digital transformation from startup and grownup position.

To be simple is not simple, but allows to create an irresistible brand
Published 9/23/2016

Praha 23rd September 2016. Nearly 400 marketers, brand managers and experts in brand development have visited this year's Brand Management. The keynote speaker - Ken Segall introduced the magical concept of simplicity, inspired by more than 10years of his collaboration with Steve Jobs, summarised in his new book, Think Simple (participants received the book as a gift).

Retail Summit 2017 will focus on no-line retail
Published 9/12/2016

Prague, 12/9 2016 – Retail Summit 2017 will address the hot topic how to trade on the market, where new digital technologies and globalisation abolish old borders and create no-line retail. It will take place on Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2017 in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.It is expected that the Summit will once again attract attendance of more than a thousand retailers and their suppliers, and the capacity of Conference Centre will be completely full. So, please put the date ofRetail Summit 2017 into the calendar and take the opportunity to register on very favourable early terms.

The program of Brand Management 2016 published. Balanced representation of industries and companies in different stages of development promises a very interesting discussion about managing of brands.
Published 7/21/2016

Prague 21st July, 2016: Brand Management 2016 will take place on September21 and will target on how to create and further develop an irresistible brand. In addition to the international star- the keynote speaker Ken Segall, who closely collaborated with Steve Jobs, there will be a number of local managers and experts in the program. They are representing diverse industries and are coming from companies at different stages of development, from start-ups to grown-up companies with a long history. The Conference creates a unique platform for dialogue between these 2 groups that do not meet very often. The program undoubtedly brings a very interesting chance to gain new inspiration for all who own, control or otherwise influence the fate of brands in the market.

Think Simple! Bestseller by Ken Segall published in Czech
Published 7/20/2016

Prague 20. 7. 2016; A few weeks ago Ken Segall has published his new book "Think Simple – How smart leaders defeat complexity". By the end of September the book will appear also in the Czech translation. Ken will personally come to Prague to present the key ideas of the book at Brand Management conference on September 21, 2016.

Brand Management 2016 conference helps with the development of irresistible brands
Published 5/30/2016

Brand Management 2016 plans to focus on creation and further development of truly irresistible brands. And the basic formula is announced in advance: make it SIMPLE. Steve Jobs made it, why not brand managers and other marketing professionals engaged with the developments on the Czech and Slovak markets? After the last year´s success of Jim Stengel, the organizers from Blue Events have invited another star of global marketing, Ken Segall, the man closely involved with the phenomenal success of Apple and other big brands, and just now has published his new book “Think Simple”. Apart from this key note, Brand Management will bring a line-up of other amazing speakers and panelists, creators of brands – company owners, marketing directors and of course, also brand managers.

Procurement at the time of boom: purchase as a driver of innovation
Published 5/25/2016

Already 4th edition of conference Procurement Forum with the main topic purchase at the time of boom was held on May 25, 2016 in Prague hotel Pyramida. More than 160 experts attended the conference. The event focused on current changes in purchase at the time of the economic prosperity. Program addressed topics ofstrategic partnership, the impact of the increasing economy, possibility of cooperation with external partners, qualification of suppliers and role of the procurement in the success of companies. The event was organized by Blue Events with the cooperation of program guarantor Marek Rokoský, and the support of many partners, especially SAP Ariba.

CFO Congress 2016: Financial Directors are preparing for the future
Published 5/20/2016

The 5th annual meeting of financial directors - CFO Congress 2016, held on May 18 in the premises of the Czech National Bank under the title (CFO)3 = Fit For the Future, confirmed that CFOs are actively preparing for the future. In addition to macro-and micro-economic condition forecasts the program mainly offered practical guides to ease business with the help of modern technology and robotics, advices how to interpret the data better and what to expect from digitalization. The programme also focused on the inconsiderable challenge of CFOs: attracting and retaining high-quality, technologically efficient and committed associates. The event hosted over 150 participants and offered an extensive space for the panel discussion, charting the views of CFOs on current and especially future challenges.

Bankers are looking into the future: gradual digitalization and stability
Published 4/28/2016

Prague, April 28, 2016 – Future of retail banking through the eyes of senior managers of UniCredit Bank, GE Money Bank, Air Bank, MasterCard and Czech banking association. As heard on top-to-top discussion at Retail Banking Forum 2016 in Prague that was visited by more than 120 members of banking sector.

The way out of price promotion trap leads through small but systematic steps. And through digital transformation.
Published 4/6/2016

Praha 6th April 2016. The specialized conference for series Retail in Detail focused on the most pressing topic of the Czech retail, how to reduce overflow and inefficiency of promotional campaigns in the field of FMCG. Despite the growth of the economy, consumer confidence and wages, there still exists an unaccountable raising share of goods sold in discount promotions – more than 50%. All that in situation when Czech consumers put the factor of price just to the fourth place within purchase decision-making factors. More than 160 suppliers, distributors and retailers, thus discussed the results of market analyses and searched the ways out of the promotion trap with the help of practical examples from abroad and inspiration from the sphere of digital technologies and e-commerce.

Retail Summit 2016 from the perspective of participants: the most balanced program of last years
Published 2/7/2016

Praha 7. 2. 2016: Retail Summit 2016 defended the reputation of the biggest meeting of retailers and their suppliers on the Central European market. In its 22nd year participation reached almost the last year's record - during the three days Clarion Congress Hotel was visited by a total of 1,027 participants.

Retail Summit 2016: Retail value can be uplifted only jointly with key partners
Published 2/4/2016

Praha, 4. 2. 2016 – A thousand of retailers and their suppliers discussed options for market value increase at Retail Summit 2016. They agreed that neither retail, nor any other element of supply chain, can create value on the account of other partners. Deepening of collaboration in the whole chain of relations and implementation of win-win-win principle is thus vital.

Program of Retail Summit 2016 reflects the desired power balance of individual market players
Published 11/30/2015

Praha, December 1, 2015 – Retail Summit 2016, planned for February 1st to 3rd in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will bring very rich program offering the right balance between key market players. The line-up consists of retail stars, both Czech and international, representing various corporations and independent companies. The program also reserves special space for interaction between traditional brick and mortar retailers and E-Commerce, so much booming in the Czech market these days.

Prof Murray: Retail is a tough business, so it is easy to make mistakes that destroy value
Published 10/15/2015

Prague, October 15, 2015 – Professor Kyle B. Murray, key note speaker at Retail Summit 2016, will in his Prague presentation focus on the right retail value proposition. He plans to share key findings from extensive shopper research and interviews with leading retailers. Historically, retail competition has been about the environment and the products, but the future is about engaging customers - that will be the key message of his speech.

CIO Agenda through the eyes of participants: "Finally an event for CIOs with business thinking"!
Published 10/9/2015

Pilot year of the special conference CIO Agenda, which was held on October 7th in Prague was successful. It has fit perfectly to the needs of CIO and CTO managers, it is testified not just by a very positive feedback at the event monitoring participants' satisfaction but mainly by the fact the questionnaire regarding satisfaction rate has been filled by 50 % of them. This is a record share of questionnaires return in the history of Blue Events conferences. It testifies about great engagement and interest of participants and can also be taken as a confirmation that IT managers in the Czech Republic were missing this type of event.

CIO Agenda 2015 - a good CIO should connect business and IT
Published 10/7/2015

The Blue Events company has decided to enlarge its events portfolio and make the first special conference about the role of CIO and cooperation of IT with other departments in companies. Meeting of a hundred of experts took place in Prague Park Inn Hotel. The outcome of the CIO Agenda 2015 program was result of the Accenture research that shows rapidly changing role of CIO and CTO. The conference touched mutual expectations of CEO and CIO, respecting IT in supporting and communication with clients and implementation of large IT projects. The program was concluded by a panel discussion about IT/CIO as a source of new information. The conference was made more live by humoristic attitude of main speakers and by many inspirational and erudite questions from the audience.

Prague, September 30, 2015 – FORUM announces the date of its 12th year, SMART brings new information!
Published 9/30/2015

In spring, authors of both projects, CZECH CONSTRUCTION FORUM and SMART magazine, have already informed about their close connection for the whole year. The autumn volume of the SMART brings not only interesting information, analyses, interviews and trends for building public, but also official confirmation of the date of the 12th year of the successful forum. Experts from all segments of the construction market, not only large construction and supplier companies, but also investors, planners, developers and top government officials, have something to look forward to. The organizers have officially announced the date to be March 1, 2016 in the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague and they will seek to break this year's record participation.

Successful brand = ambitious goals + understanding of customers + being always at hand ... and with lots of energy!
Published 9/25/2015

Blue Events, the market leader in the field of marketing conferences, has decided to expand the portfolio with a new project: Brand Management. The premiere edition, subtitled Brand as a goal or a tool? kicked off the series of annual meetings of brand managers and other professionals engaged in brand development and management. Meeting of more than three hundred professionals, who believe that brand is much more than just a graphic symbol, took place in Slovanský Dům in Prague. Stars of the program were not only global marketing guru Jim Stengel, but also a dozen of those who are managing successful brands on the Czech market from different positions. Owners and CEOs of companies and representatives of marketing and brand management shared their knowledge.

Key topic of Retail Summit 2016 revealed: How to bring value back to retail business?
Published 8/7/2015

Prague, August 7, 2015 – Retail Summit 2016, the largest event of its kind in CEE, will focus on hot topic of value uplift of retail business. The value will be discussed in the context of the whole chain of its creation (or liquidation ...), i.e. in relation to key stakeholders from customers up to employees. To offer an even wider range of opportunities for networking, the Summit will extend its format for 3 days (1 - 3 February 2016). The popular venue stays unchanged: Prague Clarion Congress Centre.

CFO Congress opens the door for current topics that move the financial world
Published 8/6/2015

Prague, August 6, 2015 - The fourth year of CFO Congress will take place on September 10, 2015 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. The new concept will offer for the first time parallel specialized topics, more space for networking and moderator star.

Retail in Detail/FMCG online: A rightly-timed conference
Published 6/10/2015

Prague, 10th of June 2015 Great things have started to happen in the area of online FMCG sales. Therefore the FMCG Online conference from the Retail in Detail series, organized by Blue Events, came at the right time. More than 150 manufacturers, retailers, distributors and E-Commerce information and service suppliers came together in the conference hall of the Boscolo Hotel in Prague to become familiar with the new online business network undergoing radical change. Nine speakers focused primarily on analyses, trends and changes of the FMCG market during the E-Commerce expansion period. In the dynamic afternoon discussion forum, everyone also compared different business models of multiple online retailers and discussed general chances and risks that accompany online FMCG sales.

Leadership for Life: passion, fear and business performance
Published 6/3/2015

The successful tradition of the conference-concert mix continued with a fifth annual meeting of a hundred of inspired managers, directors and business owners. The uplifting atmosphere of the baroque hall of the Benedict monastery in Břevnov, Prague, along with the bells of the St. Markéta church, created a unique framework for a relaxed and joyful conference that ended with a spontaneous circle discussion and unplanned participant stand-ups about how they conquered fear. An essential part was the performance of the Brixi Academic Choir that enhanced the atmosphere with songs about fear, passion and fearlessness.

A world-renown leader in brand management to appear at the Brand Management conference premiere
Published 5/27/2015

Prague, May 27 2015 – The first Brand Management conference that will take place on the 23rd of September 2015 at Slovanský dům in Prague is bringing Jim Stengel, a visionary and a marketing guru, who has, for a number of years, held the Global Marketing Officer position at Procter &Gamble, one of the most admired companies in the brand building area. Program will focus its discussion on the role of brands within business: Is brand the grand goal and philosophy that defines a company’s strategy or “simply” a way or a tool to fulfil specific tasks?

Retail in Detail/FMCG Online: Interest in the conference exceeded expectations. The organizers are moving the event into a larger space.
Published 5/20/2015

Prague, May 20 – Interest in the specialized conference Retail in Detail by Blue Events, focused this year on the highly topical subject of e-Commerce in FMCG, exceeds all expectations. 3 weeks before the conference term the originally planned Conference Centre is completely overfilled. The organizers are therefore forced to move the event to a larger conference hall of the hotel Boscolo in the centre of Prague.

What should not be missing in procurement? Curiosity, proactivity and strategic thinking
Published 5/20/2015

The third year of the Procurement Forum, themed Procurement in Times of Rapid Change, took place on the 20th of May 2015 in the National Technical Library in Prague and attracted over 200 participants. The Forum focused on the comparison of personal and professional experiences with procurement here as well as abroad, on the specification of tender criteria and on on-line procurement trends. Lastly, the interactive afternoon panel discussion session considered the topic of changing old procurement habits.

How to bring joy back to marketing? Think differently and don’t be afraid to involve others
Published 5/16/2015

Prague, May 14, 2015 – the 16th year of the Marketing Management conference was dedicated to the question of how to bring joy back to marketing. Around twenty domestic and international speakers spoke about transformation of thinking, different ways of executing campaigns and even about ways to turn people into brand ambassadors. These experts were listened to by around two hundred marketers representing a wide array of important companies and agencies. Besides its rich speaker program, the conference also presented an overview of the finalists of the Marketing Feat of the Year 2014/15 competition. Air Bank and COOP Jednota Slovakia performed especially well.

What kinds of ads are bringing joy to consumers? In the Czech Republic the winners are: Air Bank, Kofola and Kaufland, while in Slovakia there are Orange, ŠKODA AUTO and COOP Slovakia!
Published 4/27/2015

Praha, 27th April 2015 – this year ´s Marketing Management conference that will take place on May 14, 2015 in ARCHA theatre, will bring an overview of the best campaigns that have attracted marketing experts compared with those that were attractive for consumers. The latter ones were gathered by GfK consumer research. Do you want to know who is the winner of each category and holder of the award Marketing Creation of the year 2014/15 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? Read further! Representatives of the winning communication campaigns will attend the Marketing Management Conference and will compete for an absolute winner for each of the two markets.

Retail in Detail/FMCG Online: Can we expect a massive growth in the market share of Internet retailers?
Published 4/15/2015

Praha, 15th April 2015 – E-Commerce in the FMCG segment in the Czech republic does not amount to such market shares as in the UK or France so far. But in the future it will change due to the expansion of iTESCO into other regions and also as a result of the launch of other Internet players. Despite these changes we can expect that the main obstacles for the decision to shop food on the Internet will largely remain in the minds of potential customers. How can Internet retailers deal with these challenges? These questions will be discussed at the next specialized conference Retail in Detail with the subtitle FMCG Online, which will take place on June 10, 2015 in the Prague innovation HUB centre.

Retail in Detail/FMCG Online: Internet revolution has arrived to FMCG market
Published 4/8/2015

Praha, 8th April 2015 –E-Commerce increasingly influences the FMCG market in Europe and recently also in our country. Will FMCG categories copy the dynamic development of Internet non-food retail? And how can we prepare for these radical changes on the market? These questions will be discussed at the next specialized conference Retail in Detail with the subtitle FMCG Online, which will take place on June 10, 2015 in the Prague innovation centre HUB. It is intended for all retailers and producers, whether they are already active in this area, or just considering their options to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet revolution has to offer.

FESTIVAL CZECH INNOVATION 2015: Do not put small goals!
Published 3/27/2015

On March 27, 2015 the building of the National Technical Library in Prague Dejvice belonged to already the fourth annual Festival of Czech innovation. The library opened its glazed arms to more than five hundred guests and for one day has become a place where they looked for ways to encourage companies and individuals, and turn ideas in business opportunities. The Festival was organized by Blue Events and charitable society Česká inovace. They prepared a unique platform for small and large businesses, startups, corporate representatives, accelerators, as well as scientists and university students. The meeting was not only a showcase of domestic innovative ideas from different fields but also a place for workshops, panel discussions and contacts exchange. The space was given also to finals of the competition Czech Innovation 2014.

Program of the 16th year of Marketing Management asks a question: How to bring joy back to marketing?
Published 3/18/2015

Prague, 18.3.2015 - The topic we have selected for the 16th year of the congress Marketing Management (May 14, 2015 in Archa Theatre, Prague) is difficult to grasp. In spite of this we want to try it because in today's hectic and stressful era the JOY is more and more rare spice or a pick-up. If we are able to experience and spread joy we can easier get over obstacles and failures.

Novelty in the program of the Czech Construction Forum 2015: European expert Paul Koch will bring the European wind into the discussion on Prague city planning concepts
Published 2/24/2015

Praha, 24th Feb 2015 – the 11th year of the Czech Construction Forum has become an interesting platform for the discussion about the territorial development and town planning concept, especially in Prague. A great novelty of this week is the announced participation of the European expert in city area development, Paul Koch, who stood behind the realization of one of the modern architecture landmarks in Prague - the Dancing House.

CZECH CONSTRUCTION FORUM 2015: How to prepare for better times? Maybe we should stop waiting for the enlightened help from above ...
Published 2/11/2015

Prague, 11. 2. 2015 – 11th year of the Czech Construction Forum will welcome representatives of major construction and development companies, investors and planners to discuss the opportunities for a brighter future in the construction industry.

Retail Summit 2015: The record number of participants is a commitment for the next year event preparation
Published 2/9/2015

Prague, 9th February 2015: Retail Summit 2015 defended the reputation of the largest gathering of retailers and their suppliers on the market and in the 21 year reached a record level of participation –a total of 1072 participants came to Clarion Congress hotel during the two conference days and gala evening. Representative research responded by 25% participants has confirmed that the organizers were very well prepared for this mass of visitors - the average mark granted for the organisation (1.23) is the best in history. The greatest identified benefit of the action was a high traffic and the value that the summit brings for networking, informal personal contacts and exchange of views among the market players: "it's the biggest discussion platform we have, that is very much needed for the cultivation of the market and the development of its relations."

Published 2/5/2015

Retail Summit 2015 (Praha, February 3 & 4, 2015) focused on the search of new paths for retail development. This key topic was discussed from different angles, like new strategies or innovation of products, services and retail formats. Nevertheless, the most intensive attention was given to distribution channels and to the search for new paths connecting manufacturers, retailers and consumers. No wonder as this area is most affected by explosion of new technologies, drivers of the digital and mobile revolution. Discussions at Retail Summit 2015 came to the conclusion that the consumer knows exactly what he wants. He asks for deep understanding, wants to shop in most convenient way anywhere, anytime and in the way he prefers to choose. And desires to get the same brand experience in all channels, be the website, brick & mortar store or home delivery. Satisfying this demand is one of the most probable paths to the success at the retail market of near future. A path which is not trivial but passable…

Retail Summit 2015: Over 600 participants registered. The program will bring many revelations
Published 1/16/2015

Praha, 16th Jan 2015 – 21st year of Retail Summit reports at this moment over 600 participants. The varied composition of the registered suppliers of goods and services, as well as retailers, promises interesting discussions. Participants cover both representatives of retail companies from TOP 10 category, specifically Ahold, Billa, Globus, Makro, Penny Market or Tesco, and managers of other food and non-food chains, specialised shops or e-commerce retailers.

Retail Summit 2015: Top Meeting of the Czech Food Industry
Published 1/6/2015

In the days of February 3 – 4, 2015 the 21st year of Retail Summit will take place at Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague. Traditionally, this great vocational and social meeting focused on the development of retail trade in the Czech Republic and other Central European countries will welcome not only retailers, but also the top representatives of the food industry.

Retail Summit 2015: Customer at a multilevel junction
Published 12/15/2014

A key topic of the Retail Summit 2015 (Prague, 3-4 Feb. 2.2015) will be searching for new paths. Program of this prestigious event will show the theme from various perspectives such as new strategies, or innovations of products, services and retail formats. However, the biggest attention will be paid to distribution paths, or channels, i.e. to the search for new paths between producers, retailers and consumers. Namely this area is most affected by the explosion of new technologies that launched the digital and mobile revolution in the retail market.

Retail Summit 2015 key note speaker, Dr. Jörg Wallner from think-tank 2bAHEAD, will focus on future of brick & mortar retail in the conditions of digital revolution
Published 12/3/2014

Key topic of Retail Summit 2015 (Prague, February 3 - 4, 2015) will be seeking for new paths. Program of this prestigeous event is full of presentations on innovations that are often connected with new technologies and mainly with explosion of e-commerce. In spite of this the key question majority of Retail Summit 2015 participants will ask touches perspectives of the current retail network and future of brick & mortar stores. Therefore the presentation of Dr. Jörg Wallner, the conference key note speaker, will focus on this crucial topic.

Preparations of Retail Summit 2015 are finalized
Published 11/10/2014

Prague, 10th Nov, 2014 – The largest central European retail conference enters the final phase of preparations. The 21st Year of Retail Summit, subtitled "Searching for new paths", will bring key themes such as "omni-channel retailing" or the challenges of the brick & mortar retail, in terms of the rapidly expanding e-commerce.

PR Summit 2014: PR has never been stronger, future is in integration
Published 10/23/2014

Prague, October 23, 2014 - The sixth year of the prestigious conference PR Summit entitled Borders have been destroyed, Public Relations at the threshold of a new era has focused on the opportunities and threats of loose boundaries between PR and marketing, as well as the opportunities and challenges of measuring the effectiveness of PR, analysis and combining "big data," public communication, content hubs, social PR and connecting traditional and new communication channels. As a part of the conference there was the sixth direct election of the PR Personality of the Year. The winner was the coffeehouse owner and cultural activist Ondřej Kobza, nominated for involvement and activation of public space and community life. During the conference, the participants decided also about the winner of the presentation contest RICPIC , this year targeted on the question "How to get 100,000 people to Wenceslas Square." The winner Roman Maco, KPMG, came with sophisticated solutions using his own "genial software" Idea Evaluator. Altogether the record number of 260 participants attended the event in Prague Žofín palace this year. The Summit was traditionally organized by Blue Events in cooperation with the Association of PR Agencies.

Retail Summit 2015 will focus on searching for new paths
Published 10/14/2014

Prague, October 14, 2014 – The largest retail conference in CEE - Retail Summit publishes the topic of the upcoming 21st year that will take place in Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague on February 3 - 4, 2015. It will concentrate on „Searching for New Paths“ in all aspects of retail business.

Loyalty Over Gold: Stop unthinking loyalty cards issuing!
Published 9/25/2014

5th year of the annual conference on attracting and retaining loyal customers was held on September 24, 2014 in Prague Impact HUB. More than 80 participants took note of practical case studies from the Czech market, were inspired by the keynote speaker Bram Alkema from the Netherlands or participated in discussion.

A good marketer is managing the future, not the past (exclusive interview for ČIA News)
Published 9/14/2014

Bram Alkema, the top speaker and specialist in management in the field of marketing, innovation and customer relationship development, will come to Prague on September 24 2014 to give a speech at Loyalty over Gold conference. On this occasion he gave an exclusive interview to ČIANEWS. In his opinion the good marketer is managing the future, not the past. Efficiency is for losers. Strategy is the art of staying one step ahead of the need to be efficient. And good marketer does not need advertising and certainly doesn’t do ROI calculations…

We asked the keynote speaker of Loyalty over Gold conference with what he comes to Prague..
Published 9/3/2014

In September, Bram Alkema visits the Czech Republic, to be part of Loyalty Over Gold conference, which will be held on September 24, 2014 in HUB Impact Prague. Bram Alkema as a world class speaker on management in the field of marketing, innovations and customer development comes to Prague to advisethe Czech marketers to obtain and retain customers.

The coming generation needs a new type of leader
Published 6/5/2014

Male and female energy in leading people and companies, the potential for an active connection of the head and the heart and discussion over the necessary transformation of the leadership style in future were the main topics of the 4th Leadership for Life Conference, which was held on June 4th in the Prague Monastery Brevnov. Nearly a hundred leaders and managers from the Czech and international environment experienced the rich program and special atmosphere of the Conference co-created by a concert performance by the string quartet - Epoque Quartet.

How to succeed in an over communicated world
Published 5/14/2014

…was the theme of the Jubilee 15th year of Marketing Management Conference, which took place on May 14, 2014 at the Prague Žofín and was for the second time associated awarding the prices for the Marketing Act of the Year. The Conference keynote speaker was Dave Trott, the legendary copywriter, Creative Director, an expert on linking traditional marketing tools with new media and the founder of several well-known London advertising agencies. Other eighteen speakers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK targeted their contributions on authentic dialogue with customers, creativity, predatory thinking, the strength and the importance of brands in the over communicated times, and also on music in the service of different brands. The Czech-Slovak program for nearly 300 participants was prepared by Blue Events in cooperation with Slovak

Program for the 4th year of the Leadership for Life conference was finalized. This year's theme – Developing Future Leaders – has already attracted five dozen participants and interest continues to increase.
Published 4/24/2014

Praha, 24th April 2014 – Full conference program of Leadership for Life conference (4th June 2014, Břevnov monastery, Prague) and the subsequent CEO workshop (5th June 2014, Chateau Mcely) was finalized. It brings a number of inspirational opportunities for reflection and an interesting discussion regarding: How to develop the potential of future leaders and how can the coexistence of female and male energies work optimally in the company management to maximize success.

The key issue for a company’s continued business success: How to develop the potential of future leaders?
Published 3/19/2014

Praha, 20th March 2014 – The new connected economy demands new skills of managers and leaders. This year´s Leadership for Life conference, to be held on June 4 in Brevnov Monastery in Prague, therefore brings a key topic: Developing Future Leaders.

Retail Summit 2014: One thousand participants found inspiration for uncertain times
Published 2/4/2014

Praha, February 4, 2014 - Retail Summit took its 20th Anniversary year, held on 4 and 5 February 2014 , in a very pragmatic way – focusing on ways how to succeed in today's uncertain times. It was obviously a very topical subject, as evidenced by the fact that it attracted about a thousand participants. Retail Summit 2014 thus broke all-time records in both the number of speakers, as well as commercial partners and registered delegates. Most of all, it excelled through immense variety of information and ideas. That should be an important boost for anyone who has the ambition to succeed in future difficult struggles in the Czech and Central European market.

Retail Summit 2014 in the centre of retailers’ interest
Published 1/14/2014

Praha, 15th Jan 2014 – The Jubilee 20th Year of the Retail Summit has already registered nearly 600 participants. The varied composition of those registered - both suppliers of goods and services, as well as retailers - is promising interesting discussions. Among the delegates there are representatives of almost all companies from the TOP 10 retailers in the Czech market, namely Kaufland, Tesco, Ahold, Makro, Penny Market, Globus, Billa, Spar and also several dozens of Czech and Slovak COOPs

Program of the Retail Summit 2014 published: 117 speakers and panellists will help to resist the uncertainty
Published 12/12/2013

Prague, 12th Dec 2013 – A record number of 117 speakers and panellists, who represent different types of players, forming the Czech retail market will take part in 20th year of the Retail Summit in Clarion Congress Hotel on Feb 4-5, 2014. Participants will be also inspired by the examples of successful solutions from a range of personalities from abroad and "from elsewhere". The Program, which has just been published, will focus on finding ways to succeed in times that are really not simple and stable.

Retail Summit 1995 - 2014: The special proceedings to 20th birthday of this feast of retail
Published 10/7/2013

Praha, 7 Oct 2013 - The last year of the Retail Summit, top Czech retail market meeting, which was held in early February, had one of the historically highest attendances (938 participants) and the best assessment of the program quality in history. It gives the right to claim that in spite of increasing age this unique event does not lose its ideas and energy. And thus has a right to a small historical flashback in the form of proceedings „20 years with Retail Summit“. For convenience of readers it was prepared the form of an online publication at

Retail Summit enters the jubilee 20th year not only with new ideas but also with new logo of the event
Published 10/6/2013

Prague, 4.10. 2013 – 20th year of Retail Summit, to take place on February 4-5, 2014, will bring a lot of novelties that are advertised also be renovated facelift of the event logo. Its centrepiece remains the symbol representing the customer, who starts to be the key player in conditions of fully saturated and highly competitive market. The arrows, i.e. production and trade, can succeed only if together they do everything for the satisfaction of customers´ needs, wishes and desires.

Retail Summit enters its 20th year with the ambition to support those who want to succeed in uncertain times
Published 10/1/2013

Praha, 1st Oct 2013 – Retail Summit, the platform for a regular meeting of retailers, suppliers and all those who are actively helping to shape and continuously improve the Czech and Central European retail market, enters the 20th year. It will be held in the days of 4-5 February 2014 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague and will focus on finding ways to be successful even in uncertain times, that we're experiencing now, and most probably also in near future.

CFOs will celebrate the end of the fiscal year at CFO Congress 2013
Published 6/25/2013

Prague, June 25, 2013 – The end of the fiscal year is not the only major event that lies ahead of CFOs this September. Blue Events and Economia organize second year of CFO Congress - professional meeting for financial directors. Last year's premier was met with huge success and positive feedback clearly suggested which areas are to be discussed and elaborated later on. Forthcoming congress aims at broadening the topics and discussion as well as introducing trends and hot topics in the field of financial management. CFO Congress 2013 will take place on September 25, 2013 at Czech National Bank.

Leadership for Life: the first business conference, which has become a concert
Published 6/14/2013

Connection and balance of personal and professional lives were the main subjects of the third Leadership for Life Conference, which took place on June12, 2013 at the Boscolo hotel and was attended by 90 inspired managers and CEOs. How the Conference became a concert? The reason was the participation of two cooperating inspirational leaders from the United States who are interested in creating a synergy between music, art and business, as well as in balance ensuring a successful personal and professional life. Conference participants joined not only discussions on given issues but some of them also sang with the music and created thus an atmosphere of joyful open concert.

After the Great Success of Ken Segall, Blue Events Is Bringing More Worldwide Speakers
Published 5/21/2013

Prague, May 21, 2013 – Ken Segall, the long-time colleague of Steve Jobs and the author of “Think Different” campaign for Apple, mesmerized the audience of Marketing Management congress. Blue Events company that brought Segall to the Czech Republic brings another amazing speakers soon: Gary Malkin, multiple Emmy® Award winning composer and David Surrenda, consulting star who advises to CEO of Fortune 500 companies. Both speakers will join programme of Leadership for Life at Hotel Boscolo Prague on 12th June 2013. The conference will be held in the unique format of conference-concert.

Business-Life Balance as a main topic of Leadership for Life 2013 that will take place in brand-new format of Business Conference Concert
Published 3/22/2013

Prague, March 23, 2013 – It has been shown in numerous studies that a deep sense of purpose and passion is the primary “force” behind successful companies and their employee’s personal fulfillment. Forging this positive energy into long-term positive results requires a continuous balance within the personal and professional lives of the people who lead and operate within these successful enterprises.

Published 2/12/2013

Retail Summit, which was held in Prague on 5-6 February 2013, was exceptional not only because of the highest attendance, but also by the best evaluation of participants in relation to the atmosphere and opportunities for interaction in its history. The more relaxed program of the afternoon of the first day and an attractive programme of the Gala evening contributed to it in a large extent. Clarion Congress floor was full of debating visitors till the late hours.

European financial crisis appears to have bottomed out
Published 2/11/2013

Findings of the GfK Consumer Climate Europe and USA for the fourth quarter of 2012

Nuremberg, 8 February 2013 – Europe is stuck in recession. However, experts believe that the crisis may have reached its lowest point in autumn last year. Consumers also seem to think it is now feasible that there will be an economic upswing at the end of 2013, possibly even earlier in some countries. In line with this, economic and income ex-pectations increased slightly again in most of Europe, albeit still re-maining at an extremely low level. In contrast, willingness to buy dropped in most countries at the end of the year as many consumers are generally suffering the effects of falling income, raised taxes and high unemployment. These are findings of the GfK Consumer Climate Europe and USA survey, which provides an overview of the develop-ment of economic and income expectations and willingness to buy among consumers in 12 European countries and the USA.

Published 2/6/2013

Retail Summit went through another successful year. More than 900 participants (the highest number ever in 19 years’ history) joined the two days discussion about the future of retailing and sought for inspiration and energy how to cope with challenges of the very demanding market. As Zdeněk Juračka, the President of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism said in in the beginning of the Summit, issues relating to the further development of the retail sector are not at all easy. The more important is to discuss the future together and to find a way forward. Retail sector in the role of the second largest employer in the Czech Republic with a share of 14% in the creation of GDP undoubtedly deserves this attention.

The Level of Interest in Retail Summit 2013 is Totally Unprecedented in 19 Years-Old Conference History
Published 1/24/2013

The largest meeting of retail market key players in Central Europe, which takes place at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague on Feb 5-6 2013, enjoys unprecedented interest of participants. 12 days before the action the congress centre capacity is nearly sold out. Reception of applications is therefore possible only until 31st January.

Retail Summit has registered already 600 participants – do not miss the event of the year!
Published 1/10/2013


Retail Summit 2013 will be held only in 4 weeks (Feb 5-6, 2013), and a record inflow of participants
(number of registered candidates have already surpassed 600) suggests that also in 19th year of its existence,
the event is defending the position of the largest retail conference within Central Europe.

Future as a complexity overload? Possible future scenarios by John Casti, author of X-Events will be the part of Retail Summit 2013
Published 11/19/2012

One of the key speakers at 19th year of the Retail Summit will be John Casti. He is coming to the Czech Republic for the first time on the occasion of release of his latest book, X events. Participants of Retail Summit will be able to listen to his ideas in the block „Inspiration for the future“ within the first Conference day.

PR Summit 2012: Change yourself or Die – How to communicate in the Time of Changes
Published 10/25/2012

Organizers of the 4th PR Summit – Blue Events and APRA association chose for this year’s conference a very hot topic “Change Management - Effective Communications amidst Planned & Unplanned Changes” The conference offered place for sharing various communication experiences and recommendations ranging from speakers who represented views of Czech expanding software company, municipality, traditional insurance firm and many more. Afternoon discussion introduced four managers from traditional Czech brands that searched and found new image and approach towards marketing and communication with customers. Integral part of the conference has traditionally been the announcement of PR Personality of the Year that was this year won by David Ondráčka from Transparency International. Program concluded with the presentation competition RICPIC. This year’s topic was aimed at presidential elections. More than 160 participants enjoyed the conference at Hotel Pyramida. The number of participants who represented public administration and in-house PR has significantly increased. 

Deep interest in interacting with colleagues calls for CFO regular meetings
Published 10/4/2012

The First year of CFO Congress was held at the Hotel Boscolo Prague on 3 October 2012.The challenge to organize professional meeting for CFOs was taken up by Blue Events in cooperation with the publisher Economia. Main aim of the Congress was to respond to CFOs who have since longer called for a professional event that would offer space for informal meetings and sharing of practical experience. Deep interest in such conference is best illustrated by this year’s congress entitled “One Day in Life of CFO” with the audience of 150 financial directors and members of financial community.

Deliberating data– when numbers are inspiring instead of limiting
Published 9/27/2012

The topic of the 3rd year of the Conference Retail in Detail/ Shopper Marketing was mot chosen accidentally. It responds to the ever-deepening crisis in retail trade, when companies attempt to solve it using the tools that are unwittingly leading them into discount traps. It seems that the Czech retail market needs to return to strategies based on high-quality analysis of the market and shoppers needs and the use of all components of the marketing mix, not only the price. More than 120 marketing and category managers and other specialists in shopper marketing came to discuss the issues of liberating or binding data to hotel Olympik Artemis in Prague.

One day in the life of CFO brings inspiration how to master the coming days better
Published 9/6/2012

New special event called CFO Congress has a subtitle “One day in the life of CFO” in its first year. Its program promises practical news useful for everyday work of CFO, notice about risks which the more and more unpredictable futire can bring and informal discussion and opinion exchange of participants. Therefore organizers, companies ECONOMIA and Blue Events, believe the time investment into the day of 3rd October 2012 in hotel Boscolo Prague will pay the CFOs off. For more information about the just released program of this event see

Manita Khuller from OgilvyAction is a keynote of the recently published program of Shopper Marketing 2012. Early Birds discount fees available just till the end of August.
Published 8/22/2012

This annual traditional meeting of shopper marketing specialists and managers to be held in the Prague Hotel Olympik Artemis on September 26, 2012, has taken a concrete form. Its just released detailed programme, providing strategy and specific examples, how the quality insight information and analysis can improve decision making of marketers and contribute to the growth of the turnover on retail and supply sides of the market.

Press Release - Tobii - Speaker on Shopper Marketing 2012 - Enhancing visibility for shoppers as the driver of new packaging: Tobii reveals 3D label real life example
Published 8/22/2012

Prague, [22.8.2012] At the Retail in Detail Shopper Marketing Conference on September 26 in Prague, Tobii Technology presents a shopper research case study about better visibility of products in stores based on a real life example. Speakers are: Fredrik Blomquist, CEO at Rolling Optics a developer of 3D visual materials and Jürgen Bluhm, Area Manager Market Research Central Europe at Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction. Package design is constantly evolving and being modified to gain the attention of shoppers. The study used eye tracking to compare different premium shampoo bottle labels with each other. By examining shoppers’ viewing patterns, both qualitatively and quantitatively, a 3D label producer could establish a correlation between the use of their labels and a 90% increase in sales. The study was driven by Rolling Optics and it was conducted by Tobii Technology. It took place in a hair care store. Tobii Glasses, a mobile eye tracking system, were used to collect eye movement data from shoppers looking at shampoo bottles on a real store shelf. Instead of simulating a store shelf, this allowed for a more natural experience similar to one experienced when shopping.


Practical day in life of a CFO and how to facilitate it? - CFO Congress 2012
Published 5/21/2012

Czech market is saturated in most of its segments, and the days of rapid growth belong just to a corporate history of many companies. The path to success has changed significantly; the key role in the current market plays a perfect control of the costs, resource management and expert financial management. There is no doubt this trend will strengthen in the future. Fundamental role in company management belongs more and more to men and women with the CFO business card, or those with a similar position. Development of their knowledge and creating platform for their meeting and sharing experience can surely be the way to further strengthening of competitiveness of Czech companies. Companies ECONOMIA and Blue Events, aware of the need of such activity, have decided to establish a tradition of CFO top-level meetings in the Czech Republic. The first CFO Congress will take place on October 3, 2012 in Prague Boscolo Hotel. Our common goal is to establish a platform for sharing  practical knowledge and experience, that can help to facilitate the typical day of CFOs.

Leadership for Life focused on Strategy for Business in Unpredictable Times
Published 5/10/2012

Program of the second year of Leadership for Life conference was released.This unique event will take place on June 13, 2012 at Boscolo Hotel Prague. It brings inspiration for efficient company management by a combination of best practices from leadership in entrepreneurial and corporate environment.

Doing bold, authentic and truthful marketing pays off
Published 5/8/2012

Thursday, May 3rd was the date of the 13th Marketing Management Congress. More than 130 participants met in Prague Boscolo Hotel to make sure, whether courage has not still vanished from the Czech marketing. Also disproving marketing myths and misconceptions were on the program. Although agencies and clients mainly lack the will to pursue more ambitious ideas, the local and foreign examples shared at the congress brought a welcomed inspiration for the participants, and perhaps even a motivation to break a vicious circle of the Czech convenience, apathy and cowardice.

Program of the marketing event of the year, 13th year of Marketing Management Congress, has been published.
Published 4/2/2012

Marketing Management Congress with the subtitle "lucky thirteen" brings exceptionally rich program, offering nearly 20 speakers from both the Czech marketing field and abroad. They will debate about the right balanced mix of courage, insolence and accountability in marketing of today.

As a keynote speaker of the 13th year of the conference Marketing Management with the conference motto „Lucky Thirteen. Are you putting your faith in old superstitions?“ will be introduced Riki Drori, Marketing Director, Google. Sign up early!
Published 3/30/2012

The 13th year of the conference Marketing Management will introduce a lot of outstanding marketing personalities. One of them in the role of keynote speaker will be Riki Drori, Google’s Marketing Director for East and South East Europe and also Deputy Head of Marketing for SEEMEA, covering over 110 countries. Since joining Google in 2006, Riki focused on delighting users with Google products and managing scalable campaigns to promote Google advertising solutions for advertisers and agencies globally.

The first Czech Congress with the Topic of New Company Mobility Visions
Published 3/30/2012

Mobility Management Congress that will take place on April 26 at President Hotel in Prague, will be the first of its kind focused on trends in complex management of enterprise mobility. Such mobility, which takes account of all modes of company transport, including business trips or commuting to work, and accents its overall effectiveness and reduction of negative impacts.  The Program of the Congress raises the legitimate interest of attendees – just in the first week after publication of the program there are over 50 participants registered, coming from top management of the companies across all market segments.

Business needs the real sustainability strategy alias Epitaph for terms that are often misused like CSR
Published 3/16/2012

Wednesday 14th March brought a summit of those who are not indifferent to the future, and who realize the importance of sustainable business development in all its contexts, whether it's a link to the consumers´ value orientation, harmonisation of relations with partners, responsibility towards employees or reduction of business impact on environment. The second annual Forum for sustainable business was organized by the company Blue Events in cooperation with the University of Economics in Prague.

The concept of sustainability cannot be the matter of one department, but of the entire company
Published 2/6/2012

Program of the second year of Forum for sustainable business has the ambition to introduce the topic of sustainability as a key competitive advantage of the companies that incorporate it into their business strategies and share it across the entire company, not just as a matter of one specialised department. The Conference, which will be held on March 14 at the Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni will bring contributions of the leading foreign and Czech companies management that will share their experience. Concluding part will belong to a large panel discussion focused on specific sustainability issues in the Czech environment and the role of company management positions in their enforcement.

Retail Summit 2012: Eight hundred participants were convinced it would be a mistake to overlook the forest of new opportunities behind the bushes of crisis
Published 2/1/2012

Although the largest meeting of Central European retail took place in the times of very nervous market situation this year, the individual program contributions brought a number of very positive messages. Perhaps that is why even in this uncertain time, the level of participation in the Retail Summit 2012 was very high and reached almost 800 delegates. Summit brought a fundamental conclusion that the market of near future will be shaped not only by very turbulent macroeconomics, but also by series of revolutionary changes in society, technologies and business strategies. The key question for retail management is not whether to keep the turnover or fall by least per cent. It will be a much more important matter --how to move to a higher League of retail business or how to survive at all.

David Bosshart: Future of Success in the Mature Market
Published 1/19/2012

David Bosshart, head of the Swiss retail think tank GDI will give a keynote speech at 18th year of Retail Summit , on January 31, 2012  in Clarion Congress hotel Prague. His contribution will deal with how to succeed in the future, "adult" market.  He is convinced that in the next stage of retail trade development, we will see the victory of creativity over money. More than how much money we spend, we will mind how effectively we invest.

Retail Market 2012: Crisis or Revolution?
Published 1/9/2012

The Czech retail market, after a brief recovery, returned to decline in the middle of last year again. However, rather than the next crisis, this is a new revolutionary leap in the retail trade development. Therefore key question for the management of retail companies is not, how to keep the turnover or how to secure least percentage fall, but how the move to a higher retail business league or how to survive in the market at all.  Retail Summit taking place on 31st January and 1st February 2012, is ready to help in the search for answers to these difficult questions

Retail Summit 2012: The program published and attracted a special interest; till the end of December more than 400 participants registered
Published 12/29/2011

Despite the unfavourable economic prospects and a heavy atmosphere in companies Retail Summit 2012 meets with extreme interest. 5 weeks prior to the date of event (31st Jan -1st Feb 2012), there are already over 400 participants registered. That confirms the hypothesis of organizers that especially in hard times the need to get together to search for inspiration, how to operate successfully on the market, is much more urgent. 

The way to keep customers via loyalty programs is not easy and cheap but in spite of this the conference Loyalty over Gold brought clear proofs it can pay off
Published 11/14/2011
Program of the conference Loyalty over Gold, which took place on 10th November 2011 at Prague hotel Dorint Don Giovanni, confirmed the way to keep loyal customers through building loyalty programs is not easy and cheap in this era, but in spite of this the conference brought clear proofs it can pay off to some companies. Conference presentations and discussion of nearly a hundred experts active in the area of retail, banking and other services confirmed that programs offering emotional dimension in addition to communicated discounts work better. 
Retail Summit 2012 seeks principal inspiration for the further development on complicated market – main speaker will be Dr. David Bosshart, CEO of the Swiss think tank GDI
Published 11/7/2011

After the years when the program of Retail Summit lied on main speakers from the side of retailers, this year will bring a change. Range and dynamics of economic and social processes require to find a key note that will dispose not only with knowledge of trends in retailing and consumption patterns, but also with ability to consider broader political, social and cultural context of doing business on European retail market. The choice for this summit is Dr. David Bosshart, CEO of independent European think tank GDI who will give a speech on „Future of Success“ in Clarion Congress Hotelu on the first Summit day on 31st January 2012.

Program of Retail Summit 2012 published: Recommendations how to grow even in the demanding mature market.
Published 10/25/2011

The program of Retail Summit 2012 is being finalized in these days. The core motto is the analogy of 18the year of the summit with „maturity“of the Czech retail and the need for its players to get inspired with experience and ideas „from elsewhere“. Till the end of November it is possible to register for the summit under Very Early Birds discount conditions.

CEOs at PR Summit: Companies will not grow without investment into Public Relations
Published 10/20/2011
The third PUBLIC RELATIONS SUMMIT with the participation of CEOs from top Czech companies confirmed investments into communication are necessary for company growth and generating trust in its brand.


What is the role of Shopper Marketing in digital media era?
Published 9/30/2011
Traditional media such as TV or leaflet communication dramatically loose efficiency. It is necessary to address today’s consumer in more efficient ways, directly in the store or using digital media. How to do it the best way possible and how to adapt to the growing generation of „digital natives“ – was the discussion of participants at  the conference Retail in Detail/Shopper Marketing on 27th September 2011 in Prague hotel Olympik Artemis.
Inspirational Leadership Guru Spoke to Czech Executives about Principles of Systematic Development at Leadership for Life Conference
Published 6/30/2011
The principles of Inspirational Leadership, its power and potential in corporations, and ways to
be inspired – all this was covered by the Leadership for Life Conference which took place on
28 June 2011 at the Grand Majestic Plaza Hotel in Prague. Lance Secretan, charismatic leader
and one of the top five global speakers on the subject of Inspirational Leadership, was the
keynote speaker at the conference, and he held almost a hundred conference participants
spellbound by his presentation, in which for almost two hours, he shared his unique corporate
Congress Marketing Management 2011 revealed that the companies that gave less and lower discounts last year were winners
Published 5/13/2011
More than 150 participants from leading companies of five countries have gathered on 11th May in Prague hotel Grand Majestic Plaza at the Marketing Management 2011 congress to cope with the  motto “End of Sales – Long Live the Brand!” Participants came  to get inspired on how to sell brand quality and value without unnecessary price underbidding.
First year of the conference Forum for Sustainable Business clearly showed the world goes from CSR to sustainability
Published 4/19/2011

Even though the world has paved the holistic conception of sustainable business based on three pillars “People-Environment-Economy” and as a term sustainability was established even in educational and certification systems, until now we are trying to deal with its parts, for example communication of company social responsibility. But it sparkles for a better time. On Thursday 14th April in the Prague Hotel Don Giovanni there was held first year of the conference Forum for Sustainable Business with participation of nearly 120 representatives of 85 companies and institutions. This conference has a long-term goal to promote sustainability in its whole range, across all sectors, commercial and non-profit sphere and therefore create space for integration of sustainability ideas into strategies of companies, organizations and institutions.


Retail in Detail/Fresh Food 2011: Highly representative and engaged discussion on the future of fresh food market
Published 3/25/2011
More than 150 representatives of producers and distributors of fresh food discussed on 23rd March 2011 at the conference Retail in Detail/Fresh Food 2011 the state and perspectives of fresh food market. Already the opening presentations of analysts clearly signalized that commonly mentioned phrases about extreme price sensitivity of Czech customers and their low loyalty towards domestic food products differ from reality. Research of GfK presented by Ondřej Tomas, confirmed that quality, good reputation and origin of the products are key factors influencing shopping. And the Czech food has good reputation - especially in the category of milk and meat products they are preferred against import. The key parameter for the product to be taken as Czech is mainly production in the Czech Republic, which is (a lot or more) important for 87% of consumers. Czech brand ownership is less important (61%) compared to this.
Czech Construction Forum 2011: Building sector in the Czech Republic is at critical crossroads
Published 3/2/2011

Already the 7th year of the Czech Construction Forum was held on 1st March 2011 in Prague hotel Olympik Artemis and a record number of 300 construction resort representatives confirmed the necessity of dialogue between experts and state administration representatives. Most people present did not hide their nervousness from controversial steps of the government towards the sector that has a significant influence on employment rate, being a distinct indicator of the whole state economy.


Published 2/14/2011
17. year of the traditional expert and social meeting of top representatives of the Czech and Central European retail was, according to spontaneous reactions if the participants as well as according to the questionnaire among participants, very successful. The representative research, in which every third attendant participated, signalizes that Retail Summit 2011 had, in the history of this event, the highest perceived information value.