To be simple is not simple, but allows to create an irresistible brand
Published 9/23/2016

Praha 23rd September 2016. Nearly 400 marketers, brand managers and experts in brand development have visited this year's Brand Management. The keynote speaker - Ken Segall introduced the magical concept of simplicity, inspired by more than 10years of his collaboration with Steve Jobs, summarised in his new book, Think Simple (participants received the book as a gift).

The program of Brand Management 2016 published. Balanced representation of industries and companies in different stages of development promises a very interesting discussion about managing of brands.
Published 7/21/2016

Prague 21st July, 2016: Brand Management 2016 will take place on September21 and will target on how to create and further develop an irresistible brand. In addition to the international star- the keynote speaker Ken Segall, who closely collaborated with Steve Jobs, there will be a number of local managers and experts in the program. They are representing diverse industries and are coming from companies at different stages of development, from start-ups to grown-up companies with a long history. The Conference creates a unique platform for dialogue between these 2 groups that do not meet very often. The program undoubtedly brings a very interesting chance to gain new inspiration for all who own, control or otherwise influence the fate of brands in the market.

Think Simple! Bestseller by Ken Segall published in Czech
Published 7/20/2016

Prague 20. 7. 2016; A few weeks ago Ken Segall has published his new book "Think Simple – How smart leaders defeat complexity". By the end of September the book will appear also in the Czech translation. Ken will personally come to Prague to present the key ideas of the book at Brand Management conference on September 21, 2016.

Brand Management 2016 conference helps with the development of irresistible brands
Published 5/30/2016

Brand Management 2016 plans to focus on creation and further development of truly irresistible brands. And the basic formula is announced in advance: make it SIMPLE. Steve Jobs made it, why not brand managers and other marketing professionals engaged with the developments on the Czech and Slovak markets? After the last year´s success of Jim Stengel, the organizers from Blue Events have invited another star of global marketing, Ken Segall, the man closely involved with the phenomenal success of Apple and other big brands, and just now has published his new book “Think Simple”. Apart from this key note, Brand Management will bring a line-up of other amazing speakers and panelists, creators of brands – company owners, marketing directors and of course, also brand managers.

Successful brand = ambitious goals + understanding of customers + being always at hand ... and with lots of energy!
Published 9/25/2015

Blue Events, the market leader in the field of marketing conferences, has decided to expand the portfolio with a new project: Brand Management. The premiere edition, subtitled Brand as a goal or a tool? kicked off the series of annual meetings of brand managers and other professionals engaged in brand development and management. Meeting of more than three hundred professionals, who believe that brand is much more than just a graphic symbol, took place in Slovanský Dům in Prague. Stars of the program were not only global marketing guru Jim Stengel, but also a dozen of those who are managing successful brands on the Czech market from different positions. Owners and CEOs of companies and representatives of marketing and brand management shared their knowledge.

A world-renown leader in brand management to appear at the Brand Management conference premiere
Published 5/27/2015

Prague, May 27 2015 – The first Brand Management conference that will take place on the 23rd of September 2015 at Slovanský dům in Prague is bringing Jim Stengel, a visionary and a marketing guru, who has, for a number of years, held the Global Marketing Officer position at Procter &Gamble, one of the most admired companies in the brand building area. Program will focus its discussion on the role of brands within business: Is brand the grand goal and philosophy that defines a company’s strategy or “simply” a way or a tool to fulfil specific tasks?

How to bring joy back to marketing? Think differently and don’t be afraid to involve others
Published 5/16/2015

Prague, May 14, 2015 – the 16th year of the Marketing Management conference was dedicated to the question of how to bring joy back to marketing. Around twenty domestic and international speakers spoke about transformation of thinking, different ways of executing campaigns and even about ways to turn people into brand ambassadors. These experts were listened to by around two hundred marketers representing a wide array of important companies and agencies. Besides its rich speaker program, the conference also presented an overview of the finalists of the Marketing Feat of the Year 2014/15 competition. Air Bank and COOP Jednota Slovakia performed especially well.

What kinds of ads are bringing joy to consumers? In the Czech Republic the winners are: Air Bank, Kofola and Kaufland, while in Slovakia there are Orange, ŠKODA AUTO and COOP Slovakia!
Published 4/27/2015

Praha, 27th April 2015 – this year ´s Marketing Management conference that will take place on May 14, 2015 in ARCHA theatre, will bring an overview of the best campaigns that have attracted marketing experts compared with those that were attractive for consumers. The latter ones were gathered by GfK consumer research. Do you want to know who is the winner of each category and holder of the award Marketing Creation of the year 2014/15 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? Read further! Representatives of the winning communication campaigns will attend the Marketing Management Conference and will compete for an absolute winner for each of the two markets.

Program of the 16th year of Marketing Management asks a question: How to bring joy back to marketing?
Published 3/18/2015

Prague, 18.3.2015 - The topic we have selected for the 16th year of the congress Marketing Management (May 14, 2015 in Archa Theatre, Prague) is difficult to grasp. In spite of this we want to try it because in today's hectic and stressful era the JOY is more and more rare spice or a pick-up. If we are able to experience and spread joy we can easier get over obstacles and failures.

PR Summit 2014: PR has never been stronger, future is in integration
Published 10/23/2014

Prague, October 23, 2014 - The sixth year of the prestigious conference PR Summit entitled Borders have been destroyed, Public Relations at the threshold of a new era has focused on the opportunities and threats of loose boundaries between PR and marketing, as well as the opportunities and challenges of measuring the effectiveness of PR, analysis and combining "big data," public communication, content hubs, social PR and connecting traditional and new communication channels. As a part of the conference there was the sixth direct election of the PR Personality of the Year. The winner was the coffeehouse owner and cultural activist Ondřej Kobza, nominated for involvement and activation of public space and community life. During the conference, the participants decided also about the winner of the presentation contest RICPIC , this year targeted on the question "How to get 100,000 people to Wenceslas Square." The winner Roman Maco, KPMG, came with sophisticated solutions using his own "genial software" Idea Evaluator. Altogether the record number of 260 participants attended the event in Prague Žofín palace this year. The Summit was traditionally organized by Blue Events in cooperation with the Association of PR Agencies.

We asked the keynote speaker of Loyalty over Gold conference with what he comes to Prague..
Published 9/3/2014

In September, Bram Alkema visits the Czech Republic, to be part of Loyalty Over Gold conference, which will be held on September 24, 2014 in HUB Impact Prague. Bram Alkema as a world class speaker on management in the field of marketing, innovations and customer development comes to Prague to advisethe Czech marketers to obtain and retain customers.

How to succeed in an over communicated world
Published 5/14/2014

…was the theme of the Jubilee 15th year of Marketing Management Conference, which took place on May 14, 2014 at the Prague Žofín and was for the second time associated awarding the prices for the Marketing Act of the Year. The Conference keynote speaker was Dave Trott, the legendary copywriter, Creative Director, an expert on linking traditional marketing tools with new media and the founder of several well-known London advertising agencies. Other eighteen speakers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK targeted their contributions on authentic dialogue with customers, creativity, predatory thinking, the strength and the importance of brands in the over communicated times, and also on music in the service of different brands. The Czech-Slovak program for nearly 300 participants was prepared by Blue Events in cooperation with Slovak

Published 2/12/2013

Retail Summit, which was held in Prague on 5-6 February 2013, was exceptional not only because of the highest attendance, but also by the best evaluation of participants in relation to the atmosphere and opportunities for interaction in its history. The more relaxed program of the afternoon of the first day and an attractive programme of the Gala evening contributed to it in a large extent. Clarion Congress floor was full of debating visitors till the late hours.

Retail Summit has registered already 600 participants – do not miss the event of the year!
Published 1/10/2013


Retail Summit 2013 will be held only in 4 weeks (Feb 5-6, 2013), and a record inflow of participants
(number of registered candidates have already surpassed 600) suggests that also in 19th year of its existence,
the event is defending the position of the largest retail conference within Central Europe.

PR Summit 2012: Change yourself or Die – How to communicate in the Time of Changes
Published 10/25/2012

Organizers of the 4th PR Summit – Blue Events and APRA association chose for this year’s conference a very hot topic “Change Management - Effective Communications amidst Planned & Unplanned Changes” The conference offered place for sharing various communication experiences and recommendations ranging from speakers who represented views of Czech expanding software company, municipality, traditional insurance firm and many more. Afternoon discussion introduced four managers from traditional Czech brands that searched and found new image and approach towards marketing and communication with customers. Integral part of the conference has traditionally been the announcement of PR Personality of the Year that was this year won by David Ondráčka from Transparency International. Program concluded with the presentation competition RICPIC. This year’s topic was aimed at presidential elections. More than 160 participants enjoyed the conference at Hotel Pyramida. The number of participants who represented public administration and in-house PR has significantly increased. 

Doing bold, authentic and truthful marketing pays off
Published 5/8/2012

Thursday, May 3rd was the date of the 13th Marketing Management Congress. More than 130 participants met in Prague Boscolo Hotel to make sure, whether courage has not still vanished from the Czech marketing. Also disproving marketing myths and misconceptions were on the program. Although agencies and clients mainly lack the will to pursue more ambitious ideas, the local and foreign examples shared at the congress brought a welcomed inspiration for the participants, and perhaps even a motivation to break a vicious circle of the Czech convenience, apathy and cowardice.

Program of the marketing event of the year, 13th year of Marketing Management Congress, has been published.
Published 4/2/2012

Marketing Management Congress with the subtitle "lucky thirteen" brings exceptionally rich program, offering nearly 20 speakers from both the Czech marketing field and abroad. They will debate about the right balanced mix of courage, insolence and accountability in marketing of today.

As a keynote speaker of the 13th year of the conference Marketing Management with the conference motto „Lucky Thirteen. Are you putting your faith in old superstitions?“ will be introduced Riki Drori, Marketing Director, Google. Sign up early!
Published 3/30/2012

The 13th year of the conference Marketing Management will introduce a lot of outstanding marketing personalities. One of them in the role of keynote speaker will be Riki Drori, Google’s Marketing Director for East and South East Europe and also Deputy Head of Marketing for SEEMEA, covering over 110 countries. Since joining Google in 2006, Riki focused on delighting users with Google products and managing scalable campaigns to promote Google advertising solutions for advertisers and agencies globally.

CEOs at PR Summit: Companies will not grow without investment into Public Relations
Published 10/20/2011
The third PUBLIC RELATIONS SUMMIT with the participation of CEOs from top Czech companies confirmed investments into communication are necessary for company growth and generating trust in its brand.


Congress Marketing Management 2011 revealed that the companies that gave less and lower discounts last year were winners
Published 5/13/2011
More than 150 participants from leading companies of five countries have gathered on 11th May in Prague hotel Grand Majestic Plaza at the Marketing Management 2011 congress to cope with the  motto “End of Sales – Long Live the Brand!” Participants came  to get inspired on how to sell brand quality and value without unnecessary price underbidding.