Our Team

Aneta Zímová
Managing Partner
E-mail: Aneta [dot] Zimova [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

What I love the most on working at Blue Events is the creative process. When something is being created under my hands. When you think hard how to prepare an original experience for particiants - with the optimal "intellectual" density, useful for their work, with optimal balance of knowledge and amusement, when meeting at our events leaves something in the people. It was one of these experiences that has brought me to this company. Three years ago I went to Festival Czech Innovation as a participant. This event kicked me off so much that a year later I cooperated in its preparations. My role in Blue Events was changing during the time and this June I was invited to join the top management. I am in charge of marketing and communication events dramaturgy, I care for the above mentioned Festival and I am trying to hew the company's way through the internet jungle :-)

Favourite quote: There is No Firmness Without Trembling.

Barbora Krásná
E-mail: Barbora [dot] Krasna [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

As one of the founders of INCOMA (Blue Events’ predecessor) I have been working in the company since 1991 and therefore one of my roles is to keep some kind of „national memories“. Since 1995 I have worked on the launch of our most prestigious annual conference Retail Summit into the market, and I see to it till nowadays. My basic role is to care for our conferences to go ahead and develop, petting new ideas and approaches while not losing their continuity and „soul“. I hope to keep my aversion to do the repeated things the same way. I like to work on every event as if we are making it for the first time, but I have to confess that variability and diversity at our work can be very exhausting. Fortunately we have a great team where we support each other and I gain a lot of energy also from satisfied partners and participants of our events. The biggest joy and motivation I gain from enthusiasm, ideas and work successes of younger colleagues thanks to whom I can’t dare to grow old mentally.

Favourite quote: Everything will be OK in the end. And if it is not OK then it's not yet the end.

Tamara Uldrichová
Event Manager
E-mail: Tamara [dot] Uldrichova [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

Life in Blue Events flows quickly and in the fresh rhythm. There is no time for boredom, every day brings me new challenges and teach me how to win over myself. As a head of production I´m trying to put all puzzle pieces together and head all ideas and wishes to happy ending.

Favourite quote: The end of the world will come, when people stop singing. Albert Einstein

Lubica Hrubá
Database Manager
E-mail: Lubica [dot] Hruba [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

My main responsibility in Blue Events is to have the right contact information about our clients and I care for our events’ participants from their registration until the end of the event. Time to time I also work as a storekeeper, archivist, I love order. I am with this company since very long time … though due to its dynamics, I do not have any „burnout“ feelings. There is always something happening, so my work is very far from being stereotype or boring.

Favourite quote: None of us is as smart as we are all together.

Veronika Durdilová
Customer Experience
E-mail: Veronika [dot] Durdilova [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

Since October 2013 I have worked with Blue Events. My scope of employment is to communicate with potential conferences participants whom I am trying to answer all their curious questions. When it is necessary I am the fast contact person of the whole team. I love order and don't like to leave an unfinished work therefore I like to keep the smooth run of the office and be its voice and ear. I am glad that I can be a part of a small group of people which is able to think up and plan such amazing events.

Favourite quote: "Have a good mood. It won't solve your problems but will make angry so many people around you that it is worth to enjoy it." (Jan Werich)

Michaela Myšková
E-mail: Michaela [dot] Myskova [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

I have joined the Blue Events team in November 2014 and supporting all colleagues, care for office operation and answering questions of conferences participants are my tasks. Positive energy is important for me to be able to do my job and I've found it in Blue Events. I am glad I can be a part of such great team, experience event organization from different point of view and gain new experience.

Favourite quote: „Not everyone who wanders is lost.“ J.R.R. Tolkien

Helena Kropáčková
Office Manager
E-mail: Helena [dot] Kropackova [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

Now, I work for Blue Events just externally – I try to support the whole team by phone consultancies. I like to communicate with people and take up challenges in the form of demanding organizational tasks. And the good feeling coming from their solving is above all feelings. I am happy to be a part of this company – it is a heart concern for me.

Favourite quote: Keep smiling!

Klára Máziková
Assistant (at present in maternity leave)
E-mail: Klara [dot] Mazikova [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

Currently I am on maternity leave and I cooperate with Blue Events distantly. I am a "friend on the phone" in issues related to website content admionistration and e-mail campaigns. Life brings problems which need to be solved - I like searching for solutions. Therefore I am glad if I can help colleagues with anything else needed. If it is only possible I try to make everything perfect in detail, I want to have a clean table and no work undone behind me. I am happy when my work has meaning and is useful for others.

Favourite quote: Who wants seeks the way, who does not want seeks the reason.

Štěpánka Zvoníková
E-mail: registrace1 [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

I'm trying to take care about receiving the necessary information about our professional conferences to all the firms. I am delighted that our action is so interesting for all and our participants are always happy coming back. So I am very pleased to work in a team with extra nice and friendly people.

Favourite quote: “Tit for tat and the world will be blind.” (Gándhí)

Pavla Vacíková
E-mail: registrace2 [at] BlueEvents [dot] eu

My task is to contact as many companies as possible and inform them about our events and festivals. I am happy from positive feedback and interest in our events.

Favourite quote: „It is important to rejoice. From everything. Don't wait for the future for something that will ge the right thing because it is possible the right thing is coming just now and nothing more beautiful will come later.“ Ota Pavel