Participants' opinions

The participants represent top managers of companies active in CEE region (retailers, manufacturers, suppliers of various goods and services), representatives of European or Czech state institutions, universities, media and other experts.

Regarding Forum for Sustainable Business

Zdeněk  Juračka, President, Svaz obchodu a cestovního ruchu ČR

I am a person who does not doubt about usefulness or necessity to intensively and continuously enable the expert public to hear theorists and especially empirics to discuss on the topic of “Sustainability”.  I confess I am one of those who still have an inner division whether “sustainability” is more a marketing tool for company visualization or a truly responsible approach of a company, which sees its future not only in the amount of achieved profit. Yesterday’ s conference draw me nearer to more realistic view on this issue. Who was not there has a lot to regret.

Martin Hejl, Managing Director, THIMM Obaly

I am glad finally someone talks about such crucial topic as sustainability in the way normal person could understand it.

Dana Zadražilová, Dean, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics Prague

I have very good feelings from the conference. For example I brought with me that sustainable business is not just about green programs and energy savings, but it is mainly about nature of long-term profitable relationships, which means relationships between business subjects, companies and their employees, local community, state administration or public society. It is nothing else but respectability a correctness which prefer long-term goals to short-term profits. It is a big challenge for Czech society.

Alexandra Ruberová, Managing Partner, TopBio mlýn

At the conference I was interested the most by presentation of Mr. Engelsman – the basic ideas of sustainability and ecology and the way to use them in the business and to sell them further… LOHAS is a perspective life style and it is important that through this conference format the information on sustainable development can reach people.

Regarding Retail Summit

Luděk Niedermayer, Audit Director, Deloitte

It is an opportunity to hear ideas how to do it. Many things can be heard in the conference hall, many others in the corridors. In its extent it is surely a unique event and everyone has a chance to get something from it.

Roman Bláha, Marketing Director - Poštovní spořitelna, part of ČSOB

I would like to thank you for perfect organization of such "mega" event like this year's Retail Summit. I think not only me but also other participants were extremely satisfied with the conference.

Douglas Brodman, CEO, Pilsner Urquell

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the event, it was both educational for me and enabled me to meet a great many customers.

Jan Levora, Executive Director, Czech Association for Brand Products

The Retail Summit has two main advantages. Primarily it indeed deals with the most topical questions of the Czech market and its further development. Secondly it is a representative forum of retailers, suppliers, government representatives and other experts, what enables knowledge and experience exchange on the highly expert level. Moreover each participant gets chance to get engaged in active discussion on recent retail challenges or problems.

Maria Andrzej Faliński, General Director, POHiD

Personally I envy Czech this expert and high quality conference like Retail Summit and I am very sorry retailers on the big Polish market aren't able to organize such event and invite us there.

Petr Doležal, Managing Director, Schlecker

From the last summit I Pickem up few topics that we were discussing later with my colleagues at our meetings – it surely was a valuable experience for me.

Ladislav Denk, Sales Director, Váhala a spol.

Every year I meet there many of my personal and business friends and we can confront the results we achieved in the past year and what we can expect from the market. It is really good to hear the presentations from many different fields how they evaluate the current situation and how they deal with it. This is very inspiring for our further work. Every year I meet there many of my personal and business friends and we can confront the results we achieved in the past year and what we can expect from the market. It is really good to hear the presentations from many different fields how they evaluate the current situation and how they deal with it. This is very inspiring for our further work.

Michal Heisig, Business Director,

I liked it. If participants listen to two hours of solid presentations of speakers and after that they are still conscious, some of them even making notes, then this must be a conference with information that is valuable for them, which they can use. I participated in the discussion panel where there were the successful concepts holders and it was exciting to see them from this short distance, to touch their aura… and maybe also to learn something from them and use it later in my work.

Kamil Werner, Managing Director, Maloobchodní síť BALA

I am at the Retail Summit for the first time and I am surprised by the great attendance here. It is an opportunity to meet many important people here, both from the side of suppliers or competitors. There are very interesting topics one would like to hear more about. Everyone can learn something new, that's why each one of us is here.

David Čermák, CEO, Momentum (McCannWorldgroup)

The Summit was even greater than I expected. Even the level of speakers was better than the last year so I believe the conference will contribute with its energy to the whole retail sector to bounce off the bottom.

Vlastimil Veselý, marketingový ředitel, Bel Sýry

It is an opportunity to meet great number of people who are experts in the field of retail.

Jiří Šimek, Board of Directors Member, E.ON

I have been attending Retail Summit regularly and I am always looking forward to the key note speakers because it is always something I am not prepared enough for…

Regarding Hospitality & Tourism Summit

Rostislav Vondruška, Minister for Regional Development CR (2009/2010)

I would like to thank you for the precise preparation and realization of the conference Hospitality & Tourism Summit. The filled space of the hotel and active participation of attendants were a good proof of quality of the expert program. The growing interest in enhancing cooperation of businessmen and state administration, comparison of our own experience with positive knowledge from abroad and topics discussed during the parallel sections were also pleasant.

Milan Pavelka, Marketing and Sales Director, OREA HOTELS

I would like to thank for the perfect organization of the confererence Hospitality&Tourism Summit. After a long period I felt I am participating at a conference, which has sence and solves specific and topical issues adequately.

Josef Meringer, FCSI, JM Consulting

Hospitality & Tourism Summit was about "People in Business". Responsible managers and employees – in front and at backstage – performed their best to achieve participants´ satisfaction and loyalty. The organisation was executed professionally, the program was excellent - speakers from different countries openly transferred their business information and case studies. It was the perfect platform to meet responsible mangers at all scopes within this complex business.

Regarding Marketing Management

Jannis Samaras, General Director Kofola Group, Kofola Holding

My participation in Marketing Management inspired me to think over the way our company works with customers. The congress program and expert discussions focused also on our target – how to stimulate the environment that would enable our customers to join a concerned and creative common chat.

Pavlína Jandová, Senior Marketing Manager, Marketingová komunikace, E.ON Česká republika

I participated at the expert conference Marketing Management for the third time and I can say that every following year was able to surpass the previous one in something. This year brought attractive and very actual information, interesting confrontations of the colleagues – marketers – opinions and not the least also tips and tricks ready to implement and use in practice. Marketing Management is every time for me a source of inspiration and I will surely not miss it next year either.

Regarding HR Management

Zdeněk Šimek, CEO, REVITCOM and Vice-president of the Board of the Association of banks and insurance companies

What I namely appreciate about Blue Events team is the enthusiastic assignment, professionalism and creativity. It is a pleasure to co-operate with experts who always try to bring in something new. I am looking forward to next events.

Zbyněk Frolík, Managing Director, Linet

Employees´ knowledge management combined with elements of emotional and social intelligence is a key success to competitiveness in business. This was demonstrated also within the conferences HR Management, that have proved to be a great, and maybe even bottomless, source of inspiration.

Regarding CFO Congress

Hana Hovorková, CFO, Auto ESA

This way I would like to thank you for invitation. This meeting was not only beneficial for me but also very pleasant. So thank you again and I will be looking forward to the next year.

Josef Jenčo, Economic Director, Kili

Alow me to thank you for preparation of the CFO Congress. You were able to prepare great program and find fitting speakers. The participation there had a great value for me personally in the form of opinions confrontation and listening to solutions from other participants. Also the congress venue was chosen well.