Digital transformation is a challenge which changes our prejudices and obliges us to think out of the box
Published 10/4/2016

After last year pilot edition, the conference CIO Agenda was held in Park Inn Hotel Prague on October 4. Almost one hundred participants among CIO, CTO and CEO gathered at this event to be inspired by solutions of digital transformation, efficiency and diversity in work team, search for new talents and motivation. The final panel discussion offered new perspectives on digital transformation from startup and grownup position.

Procurement at the time of boom: purchase as a driver of innovation
Published 5/25/2016

Already 4th edition of conference Procurement Forum with the main topic purchase at the time of boom was held on May 25, 2016 in Prague hotel Pyramida. More than 160 experts attended the conference. The event focused on current changes in purchase at the time of the economic prosperity. Program addressed topics ofstrategic partnership, the impact of the increasing economy, possibility of cooperation with external partners, qualification of suppliers and role of the procurement in the success of companies. The event was organized by Blue Events with the cooperation of program guarantor Marek Rokoský, and the support of many partners, especially SAP Ariba.

CFO Congress 2016: Financial Directors are preparing for the future
Published 5/20/2016

The 5th annual meeting of financial directors - CFO Congress 2016, held on May 18 in the premises of the Czech National Bank under the title (CFO)3 = Fit For the Future, confirmed that CFOs are actively preparing for the future. In addition to macro-and micro-economic condition forecasts the program mainly offered practical guides to ease business with the help of modern technology and robotics, advices how to interpret the data better and what to expect from digitalization. The programme also focused on the inconsiderable challenge of CFOs: attracting and retaining high-quality, technologically efficient and committed associates. The event hosted over 150 participants and offered an extensive space for the panel discussion, charting the views of CFOs on current and especially future challenges.

Bankers are looking into the future: gradual digitalization and stability
Published 4/28/2016

Prague, April 28, 2016 – Future of retail banking through the eyes of senior managers of UniCredit Bank, GE Money Bank, Air Bank, MasterCard and Czech banking association. As heard on top-to-top discussion at Retail Banking Forum 2016 in Prague that was visited by more than 120 members of banking sector.

CIO Agenda through the eyes of participants: "Finally an event for CIOs with business thinking"!
Published 10/9/2015

Pilot year of the special conference CIO Agenda, which was held on October 7th in Prague was successful. It has fit perfectly to the needs of CIO and CTO managers, it is testified not just by a very positive feedback at the event monitoring participants' satisfaction but mainly by the fact the questionnaire regarding satisfaction rate has been filled by 50 % of them. This is a record share of questionnaires return in the history of Blue Events conferences. It testifies about great engagement and interest of participants and can also be taken as a confirmation that IT managers in the Czech Republic were missing this type of event.

CIO Agenda 2015 - a good CIO should connect business and IT
Published 10/7/2015

The Blue Events company has decided to enlarge its events portfolio and make the first special conference about the role of CIO and cooperation of IT with other departments in companies. Meeting of a hundred of experts took place in Prague Park Inn Hotel. The outcome of the CIO Agenda 2015 program was result of the Accenture research that shows rapidly changing role of CIO and CTO. The conference touched mutual expectations of CEO and CIO, respecting IT in supporting and communication with clients and implementation of large IT projects. The program was concluded by a panel discussion about IT/CIO as a source of new information. The conference was made more live by humoristic attitude of main speakers and by many inspirational and erudite questions from the audience.

CFO Congress opens the door for current topics that move the financial world
Published 8/6/2015

Prague, August 6, 2015 - The fourth year of CFO Congress will take place on September 10, 2015 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. The new concept will offer for the first time parallel specialized topics, more space for networking and moderator star.

What should not be missing in procurement? Curiosity, proactivity and strategic thinking
Published 5/20/2015

The third year of the Procurement Forum, themed Procurement in Times of Rapid Change, took place on the 20th of May 2015 in the National Technical Library in Prague and attracted over 200 participants. The Forum focused on the comparison of personal and professional experiences with procurement here as well as abroad, on the specification of tender criteria and on on-line procurement trends. Lastly, the interactive afternoon panel discussion session considered the topic of changing old procurement habits.

CFOs will celebrate the end of the fiscal year at CFO Congress 2013
Published 6/25/2013

Prague, June 25, 2013 – The end of the fiscal year is not the only major event that lies ahead of CFOs this September. Blue Events and Economia organize second year of CFO Congress - professional meeting for financial directors. Last year's premier was met with huge success and positive feedback clearly suggested which areas are to be discussed and elaborated later on. Forthcoming congress aims at broadening the topics and discussion as well as introducing trends and hot topics in the field of financial management. CFO Congress 2013 will take place on September 25, 2013 at Czech National Bank.

Published 2/12/2013

Retail Summit, which was held in Prague on 5-6 February 2013, was exceptional not only because of the highest attendance, but also by the best evaluation of participants in relation to the atmosphere and opportunities for interaction in its history. The more relaxed program of the afternoon of the first day and an attractive programme of the Gala evening contributed to it in a large extent. Clarion Congress floor was full of debating visitors till the late hours.

Retail Summit has registered already 600 participants – do not miss the event of the year!
Published 1/10/2013


Retail Summit 2013 will be held only in 4 weeks (Feb 5-6, 2013), and a record inflow of participants
(number of registered candidates have already surpassed 600) suggests that also in 19th year of its existence,
the event is defending the position of the largest retail conference within Central Europe.

Deep interest in interacting with colleagues calls for CFO regular meetings
Published 10/4/2012

The First year of CFO Congress was held at the Hotel Boscolo Prague on 3 October 2012.The challenge to organize professional meeting for CFOs was taken up by Blue Events in cooperation with the publisher Economia. Main aim of the Congress was to respond to CFOs who have since longer called for a professional event that would offer space for informal meetings and sharing of practical experience. Deep interest in such conference is best illustrated by this year’s congress entitled “One Day in Life of CFO” with the audience of 150 financial directors and members of financial community.

One day in the life of CFO brings inspiration how to master the coming days better
Published 9/6/2012

New special event called CFO Congress has a subtitle “One day in the life of CFO” in its first year. Its program promises practical news useful for everyday work of CFO, notice about risks which the more and more unpredictable futire can bring and informal discussion and opinion exchange of participants. Therefore organizers, companies ECONOMIA and Blue Events, believe the time investment into the day of 3rd October 2012 in hotel Boscolo Prague will pay the CFOs off. For more information about the just released program of this event see

Practical day in life of a CFO and how to facilitate it? - CFO Congress 2012
Published 5/21/2012

Czech market is saturated in most of its segments, and the days of rapid growth belong just to a corporate history of many companies. The path to success has changed significantly; the key role in the current market plays a perfect control of the costs, resource management and expert financial management. There is no doubt this trend will strengthen in the future. Fundamental role in company management belongs more and more to men and women with the CFO business card, or those with a similar position. Development of their knowledge and creating platform for their meeting and sharing experience can surely be the way to further strengthening of competitiveness of Czech companies. Companies ECONOMIA and Blue Events, aware of the need of such activity, have decided to establish a tradition of CFO top-level meetings in the Czech Republic. The first CFO Congress will take place on October 3, 2012 in Prague Boscolo Hotel. Our common goal is to establish a platform for sharing  practical knowledge and experience, that can help to facilitate the typical day of CFOs.

The first Czech Congress with the Topic of New Company Mobility Visions
Published 3/30/2012

Mobility Management Congress that will take place on April 26 at President Hotel in Prague, will be the first of its kind focused on trends in complex management of enterprise mobility. Such mobility, which takes account of all modes of company transport, including business trips or commuting to work, and accents its overall effectiveness and reduction of negative impacts.  The Program of the Congress raises the legitimate interest of attendees – just in the first week after publication of the program there are over 50 participants registered, coming from top management of the companies across all market segments.