Leadership for Life: passion, fear and business performance
Published 6/3/2015

The successful tradition of the conference-concert mix continued with a fifth annual meeting of a hundred of inspired managers, directors and business owners. The uplifting atmosphere of the baroque hall of the Benedict monastery in Břevnov, Prague, along with the bells of the St. Markéta church, created a unique framework for a relaxed and joyful conference that ended with a spontaneous circle discussion and unplanned participant stand-ups about how they conquered fear. An essential part was the performance of the Brixi Academic Choir that enhanced the atmosphere with songs about fear, passion and fearlessness.

The coming generation needs a new type of leader
Published 6/5/2014

Male and female energy in leading people and companies, the potential for an active connection of the head and the heart and discussion over the necessary transformation of the leadership style in future were the main topics of the 4th Leadership for Life Conference, which was held on June 4th in the Prague Monastery Brevnov. Nearly a hundred leaders and managers from the Czech and international environment experienced the rich program and special atmosphere of the Conference co-created by a concert performance by the string quartet - Epoque Quartet.

Program for the 4th year of the Leadership for Life conference was finalized. This year's theme – Developing Future Leaders – has already attracted five dozen participants and interest continues to increase.
Published 4/24/2014

Praha, 24th April 2014 – Full conference program of Leadership for Life conference (4th June 2014, Břevnov monastery, Prague) and the subsequent CEO workshop (5th June 2014, Chateau Mcely) was finalized. It brings a number of inspirational opportunities for reflection and an interesting discussion regarding: How to develop the potential of future leaders and how can the coexistence of female and male energies work optimally in the company management to maximize success.

The key issue for a company’s continued business success: How to develop the potential of future leaders?
Published 3/19/2014

Praha, 20th March 2014 – The new connected economy demands new skills of managers and leaders. This year´s Leadership for Life conference, to be held on June 4 in Brevnov Monastery in Prague, therefore brings a key topic: Developing Future Leaders.

Leadership for Life: the first business conference, which has become a concert
Published 6/14/2013

Connection and balance of personal and professional lives were the main subjects of the third Leadership for Life Conference, which took place on June12, 2013 at the Boscolo hotel and was attended by 90 inspired managers and CEOs. How the Conference became a concert? The reason was the participation of two cooperating inspirational leaders from the United States who are interested in creating a synergy between music, art and business, as well as in balance ensuring a successful personal and professional life. Conference participants joined not only discussions on given issues but some of them also sang with the music and created thus an atmosphere of joyful open concert.

After the Great Success of Ken Segall, Blue Events Is Bringing More Worldwide Speakers
Published 5/21/2013

Prague, May 21, 2013 – Ken Segall, the long-time colleague of Steve Jobs and the author of “Think Different” campaign for Apple, mesmerized the audience of Marketing Management congress. Blue Events company that brought Segall to the Czech Republic brings another amazing speakers soon: Gary Malkin, multiple Emmy® Award winning composer and David Surrenda, consulting star who advises to CEO of Fortune 500 companies. Both speakers will join programme of Leadership for Life at Hotel Boscolo Prague on 12th June 2013. The conference will be held in the unique format of conference-concert.

Business-Life Balance as a main topic of Leadership for Life 2013 that will take place in brand-new format of Business Conference Concert
Published 3/22/2013

Prague, March 23, 2013 – It has been shown in numerous studies that a deep sense of purpose and passion is the primary “force” behind successful companies and their employee’s personal fulfillment. Forging this positive energy into long-term positive results requires a continuous balance within the personal and professional lives of the people who lead and operate within these successful enterprises.

Published 2/12/2013

Retail Summit, which was held in Prague on 5-6 February 2013, was exceptional not only because of the highest attendance, but also by the best evaluation of participants in relation to the atmosphere and opportunities for interaction in its history. The more relaxed program of the afternoon of the first day and an attractive programme of the Gala evening contributed to it in a large extent. Clarion Congress floor was full of debating visitors till the late hours.

Retail Summit has registered already 600 participants – do not miss the event of the year!
Published 1/10/2013


Retail Summit 2013 will be held only in 4 weeks (Feb 5-6, 2013), and a record inflow of participants
(number of registered candidates have already surpassed 600) suggests that also in 19th year of its existence,
the event is defending the position of the largest retail conference within Central Europe.

Leadership for Life focused on Strategy for Business in Unpredictable Times
Published 5/10/2012

Program of the second year of Leadership for Life conference was released.This unique event will take place on June 13, 2012 at Boscolo Hotel Prague. It brings inspiration for efficient company management by a combination of best practices from leadership in entrepreneurial and corporate environment.

Business needs the real sustainability strategy alias Epitaph for terms that are often misused like CSR
Published 3/16/2012

Wednesday 14th March brought a summit of those who are not indifferent to the future, and who realize the importance of sustainable business development in all its contexts, whether it's a link to the consumers´ value orientation, harmonisation of relations with partners, responsibility towards employees or reduction of business impact on environment. The second annual Forum for sustainable business was organized by the company Blue Events in cooperation with the University of Economics in Prague.

The concept of sustainability cannot be the matter of one department, but of the entire company
Published 2/6/2012

Program of the second year of Forum for sustainable business has the ambition to introduce the topic of sustainability as a key competitive advantage of the companies that incorporate it into their business strategies and share it across the entire company, not just as a matter of one specialised department. The Conference, which will be held on March 14 at the Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni will bring contributions of the leading foreign and Czech companies management that will share their experience. Concluding part will belong to a large panel discussion focused on specific sustainability issues in the Czech environment and the role of company management positions in their enforcement.

Inspirational Leadership Guru Spoke to Czech Executives about Principles of Systematic Development at Leadership for Life Conference
Published 6/30/2011
The principles of Inspirational Leadership, its power and potential in corporations, and ways to
be inspired – all this was covered by the Leadership for Life Conference which took place on
28 June 2011 at the Grand Majestic Plaza Hotel in Prague. Lance Secretan, charismatic leader
and one of the top five global speakers on the subject of Inspirational Leadership, was the
keynote speaker at the conference, and he held almost a hundred conference participants
spellbound by his presentation, in which for almost two hours, he shared his unique corporate
First year of the conference Forum for Sustainable Business clearly showed the world goes from CSR to sustainability
Published 4/19/2011

Even though the world has paved the holistic conception of sustainable business based on three pillars “People-Environment-Economy” and as a term sustainability was established even in educational and certification systems, until now we are trying to deal with its parts, for example communication of company social responsibility. But it sparkles for a better time. On Thursday 14th April in the Prague Hotel Don Giovanni there was held first year of the conference Forum for Sustainable Business with participation of nearly 120 representatives of 85 companies and institutions. This conference has a long-term goal to promote sustainability in its whole range, across all sectors, commercial and non-profit sphere and therefore create space for integration of sustainability ideas into strategies of companies, organizations and institutions.