We asked the keynote speaker of Loyalty over Gold conference with what he comes to Prague..
Published 9/3/2014

In September, Bram Alkema visits the Czech Republic, to be part of Loyalty Over Gold conference, which will be held on September 24, 2014 in HUB Impact Prague. Bram Alkema as a world class speaker on management in the field of marketing, innovations and customer development comes to Prague to advisethe Czech marketers to obtain and retain customers.

Hi Bram, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am a marketing expertfrom the Netherlands, the number one marketing research country in Europe. I am a professor at Beeckestijn, former dean at the University of Amsterdam, and a entrepreneur. I write, I teach, I coach, I fly around the world, I speak anywhere about my passion, which is New Marketing. Preferably in beautiful cities like Praha.

Do you think you can offer some news about customer loyalty that the Czech marketers have not heard before /any new point of view?

Sure. Yes. Firstly, new news. Loyalty program depends on your current and future businessmodel. I will hopefully try to show some current cases from the Czech republic to make that point. Secondly some old news, it was Peter Drucker who said. The purpose of a business is to create customers, not to sell products. Like in any relationship you need to be loyal yourself first before you can expect your partner to be. That's the back to basic stuff that we forget sometimes.

Why should people come to this conference?

There are some brilliant national speakers whom I consider to be on the European global forefront of the customer experience management movement. For instance Brand Embassy that was on the Red Herrings 100 list, to name but one. I look forward meeting Vít and his colleagues. What you can take away? Well if you run a company well, customers loyalty is far too important to be left to the marketing department. Come. If you are in marketing and you are smart, you know why that is not an insult, just a clever marketing. So come.

Are you yourself a loyal customer? To what products / services and why?

Ha! There is loyal and super loyal. I am super loyal to Vodafone and my dentist. Because I hate switching costs. I am loyal to Praha because I came here before and I liked it. Different kinds of loyal. Let me think. I would say, the best loyalty is the kind you as a customer don't have to think about... I am loyal though to my customers and my audience, so I hope I can meet you all in person and answer all your questions about how to make your customers happy.

Loyalty Over Gold
When: 24. 9. 2014

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