Practical day in life of a CFO and how to facilitate it? - CFO Congress 2012
Published 5/21/2012

Czech market is saturated in most of its segments, and the days of rapid growth belong just to a corporate history of many companies. The path to success has changed significantly; the key role in the current market plays a perfect control of the costs, resource management and expert financial management. There is no doubt this trend will strengthen in the future. Fundamental role in company management belongs more and more to men and women with the CFO business card, or those with a similar position. Development of their knowledge and creating platform for their meeting and sharing experience can surely be the way to further strengthening of competitiveness of Czech companies. Companies ECONOMIA and Blue Events, aware of the need of such activity, have decided to establish a tradition of CFO top-level meetings in the Czech Republic. The first CFO Congress will take place on October 3, 2012 in Prague Boscolo Hotel. Our common goal is to establish a platform for sharing  practical knowledge and experience, that can help to facilitate the typical day of CFOs.

CFO Congress 2012 is designed for all those who are in charge of financial flows in companies. Its aim is to inspire representatives of companies of different sizes and types, across all segments. This way it follows the successful experience from such meetings that Blue Events already organize for other groups of top managers, namely the conference Leadership for Life, HR Management or congress Marketing Management. CFO Congress is being framed as an expert and purely practical event. Ambition of the year 2012 is to look at one practical day in the life of a CFO and seek the ways to make individual activities more effective to facilitate the difficult life of the CFO and his team or to sum up what are the hot news in the area important for CFOs. The core of the program will be focused on thematic blocks dedicated to practical activities that CFO must really deal with during the day, such as how to get the flow of money in the company under the control, how to optimize individual activities in his/her portfolio or how to develop the relationship CEO-CFO. The Congress will be based on experience of significant CFOs in the Czech market, as well as on a number of foreign contributions. There will also be presented international studies of Deloitte, focusing on actual trends of CFO work in Czech and in abroad with the stress on practical aspects of CFO's work. The Congress will culminate by a panel discussion with the participation of prominent CFOs and financial experts. 

CFO Congress 2012 is being organized with the support of companies Deloitte as the Gold partner and GfK Czech as Silver partner. Expert Guarantor is Finanční management, main media partners are Hospodářské noviny, Ekonom, Moderní řízení, Bankovnictví, Finanční Management and For more details from preparations of the congress see

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