Retail Summit 1995 - 2014: The special proceedings to 20th birthday of this feast of retail
Published 10/7/2013

Praha, 7 Oct 2013 - The last year of the Retail Summit, top Czech retail market meeting, which was held in early February, had one of the historically highest attendances (938 participants) and the best assessment of the program quality in history. It gives the right to claim that in spite of increasing age this unique event does not lose its ideas and energy. And thus has a right to a small historical flashback in the form of proceedings „20 years with Retail Summit“. For convenience of readers it was prepared the form of an online publication at

The idea to launch the professional and social summit of the Czech retail originated in the summer of 1994. Exactly in the moment, when what is now usually called modern commerce started to grow on the ruins of gray and customer-hostile "Socialist" distribution. In past years, Retail Summit hosted almost two thousand speakers and panellists, including more than 20 ministers, 5 Presidents of EuroCommerce and bosses of virtually all major retail companies operating on the Czech market. What is even more important, the Summit has become a place where large and small businesses are gaining ideas and information necessary for their further development.

You can learn about it from a special publication "20 years with Retail Summit" prepared for 20th birthday of the Conference. The form of on-line publication allows through texts, quotations, summary of historical facts and rich photo and video documentation to recap everything, what has happened within the Retail Summit and on the Czech and Central European market in the past 20 years - see ZDE (in Czech only).

However, the 20th Retail Summit, to take place on 4-5th February 2014, will not live only from the achievements of previous years. It wants to be a summary of the thoughts, ideas and inspiration regarding how to be successful even in uncertain times that we're experiencing now, and will endure in future.

About Retail Summit 2014
The event is designed for all participants in the retail market, who have the ambition to succeed, develop their business and improve themself, their business and market environment. No matter what is the size or form of company ownership or whether it operates in "brick &mortar," or digital world.

When: 4-5 February 2014
Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Organizers: Blue Events, Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism and University of Economics in Prague

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