Published 2/12/2013

Retail Summit, which was held in Prague on 5-6 February 2013, was exceptional not only because of the highest attendance, but also by the best evaluation of participants in relation to the atmosphere and opportunities for interaction in its history. The more relaxed program of the afternoon of the first day and an attractive programme of the Gala evening contributed to it in a large extent. Clarion Congress floor was full of debating visitors till the late hours.

The organizers of the Retail Summit have evaluated the survey of satisfaction with the conference program and organization that brought almost 300 written responses of participants. "We finally were able to sigh with relief and thank each other in our team, with our partners, speakers and panellists for a well done job at the Summit," said Antonin Parma, General Manager of Blue Events after he had seen the results of the poll.

The level of the program was the same as in the previous years (average mark for speeches in the main block was 2.07). The best assessed were contributions focused on the characteristics and future customers of the Czech market, given by Zdeněk Skála and Martin Mravec from GfK (Mark 1.45) and an interview with Ondřej Fryc from Netretail Holding/ (Mark 1.7). With a small distance behind him the third place was identically occupied by James Russo of Nielsen and Scott Duby of IBM (Mark 1.8) with contributions focused on the future and expectations of customers from a global perspective.

Within the context of the discussion sections of the second day the best evaluation was given to the workshop Retail and Suppliers, moderated by Petr Vyhnálek (Mark 1.45): "Open and informed discussion focused on current issues, very well prepared and moderated. True stories without any false phrases. The most concrete and very refreshing presentation of Lubomir Chvalovsky".Karel Týra from Nielsen received a very laudatory feedback for the preparation of the section Retail and Future Products (Mark 1.54): "Very well and comprehensively prepared block with good composition and high quality panelists, representing suppliers and traders.  The perfect format and idea relationship, not just the separate presentations of the panelists. The actual discussion, including the candid views of participants. "The third place in the section competition was occupied by Retail and Future Markets, moderated by Tomáš Krásný of GfK (Mark 1.60): "A great mix of panellists. The best was the new market of social networks   in the sovereign, but welcoming introduction by Jan Řežáb of Social Bakers. The expansion into the traditional markets was best described by Kofola and Emco."

In the long run comparison of the results of the survey among summit participants in the last 10 years, this year has distinguished itself by the best atmosphere and the interaction opportunities between participants – mark 1.46 ("a huge number of people and contacts in one place, the opportunity to meet informally, to strengthen relations or to get acquainted with new colleagues"), the best Gala evening ("the best program in the history of Retail Summit, excellent Lucie Výborná and circus La Putyka") and what is particularly gratifying, the best sign for the organisation – 1.37. The success of the organization and the good feeling of the organizers was also supported by dresses and accessories provided to them by the company Steilmann. 

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