Retail Summit enters its 20th year with the ambition to support those who want to succeed in uncertain times
Published 10/1/2013

Praha, 1st Oct 2013 – Retail Summit, the platform for a regular meeting of retailers, suppliers and all those who are actively helping to shape and continuously improve the Czech and Central European retail market, enters the 20th year. It will be held in the days of 4-5 February 2014 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague and will focus on finding ways to be successful even in uncertain times, that we're experiencing now, and most probably also in near future.

Retail Summit has during its history become the biggest event of its kind in Central Europe. "We have calculated that, in the past 20 years, more than 13 thousand retailers, producers, experts, politicians, and journalists from almost 30 countries took part in it", says Antonín Parma from the organizing agency Blue Events, adding: "Last year belonged among the most successful ones in history of this event, both in terms of the number of participants (more than 900), and their satisfaction with the program."

The Jubilee 20th Year of the Retail Summit, which will be held in the days of 4 - 5th February 014 in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, however does not want to live only from successes of the past years. Together with participants the program will focus on current topics. Barbora Krásná, Member of the Programme Committee, explains: "Numerous conversations that we have had with retailers and manufacturers, show that they suffer most of the high degree of uncertainty in their everyday activities. The Czech market may be leaving the long recession period, but the business environment instability is still huge.“ It's not just about the constant changes of laws and other relevant normative parameters, but also a number of other factors, like volatile consumer demand or still less predictable activities of competitors. Therefore, the Retail Summit 2014 will concentrate on intensive search of paths, how to be successful even in uncertain times, that we're experiencing now, and we'll probably experience also in future.

The Program will bring inspiring contributions of a hundred of leading domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, managers and experts representing not only the retail market, but also offering incentives from other sectors. The concept of the two-day summit is designed to provide ideal conditions for a variety of official and informal meetings helping to new business relations and launch of new projects.

Details from preparations of the Jubilee 20th Retail Summit will be regularly published on the newly designed Website

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About Retail Summit 2014
The event is designed for all participants in the retail market, who have the ambition to succeed, develop their business and improve themself, their business and market environment. No matter what is the size or form of company ownership or whether it operates in "brick &mortar," or digital world.
When: 4 - 5 February 2014
Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Organizers: Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, University of Economics in Prague and Blue Events agency

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