The Level of Interest in Retail Summit 2013 is Totally Unprecedented in 19 Years-Old Conference History
Published 1/24/2013

The largest meeting of retail market key players in Central Europe, which takes place at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague on Feb 5-6 2013, enjoys unprecedented interest of participants. 12 days before the action the congress centre capacity is nearly sold out. Reception of applications is therefore possible only until 31st January.

There is a proverb saying that difficulties often reveal the best in people. And they also lead to sense of belonging and the need to face the threats (or as Americans say "challenges and opportunities") together. Perhaps, that is an explanation why, just in times that are more difficult, people meet at conferences more massively.

Retail Summit 2013 with the subtitle "Future... and how to be part of it when it comes", held in Clarion Congress Centre Prague on February 5-6 2013, offers ideal conditions for the mass meetings and sharing ideas and inspiration, how to do further business on the CEE retail market. As a result of the current unprecedented global economic situation, a large part of the consumer landscape is rapidly changing and forcing companies to review their fixed procedures, how to run their business, how to communicate, with whom, and how to cooperate. Programme of the Summit will offer almost a hundred speakers and panellists bringing visions how to think about business in a new way, how to address the diverse and more demanding clientele or with ideas for the little things that can lead to big results. A Unique opportunity for informal meetings and exchanges of views is represented also by Evening Gala Dinner enriched by performance of Circus La Putyka.

Organizers of the Retail Summit, however announce that due to unprecedented interest (a record number of more than 700 participants registered 12 days before the event) they are forced to limit the receipt of applications until January 31 2013 only.

Retail Summit 2013 is organised by the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, University of Economics in Prague and Blue Events. The Summit is held with the support of many companies, the major partners are Poštovní spořitelna, part of the CSOB, Telefónica ČR and Plzeňský Prazdroj.

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When/Where: 5th- 6th February 2013, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Organizers: Blue Events in cooperation with University of Economics and SOCR ČR
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