David Bosshart: Future of Success in the Mature Market
Published 1/19/2012

David Bosshart, head of the Swiss retail think tank GDI will give a keynote speech at 18th year of Retail Summit , on January 31, 2012  in Clarion Congress hotel Prague. His contribution will deal with how to succeed in the future, "adult" market.  He is convinced that in the next stage of retail trade development, we will see the victory of creativity over money. More than how much money we spend, we will mind how effectively we invest.

David Bosshart is aware of the fact that so called Triple A retailing (AAA) is coming to the end.  Retail over the last years has been characterized by three very powerful A's: Automatisation, Asiatisation, Animation.  Automatisation brought  more technologies  than ever before  – and very often less jobs. Asiatisation brought ever cheaper imported goods, especially from China, food and fashion generally are the most prominent examples. Very often it means no sustainability or no reliable supply chain. And animation means more fun, deeper discount, quick wins.  All that however often happened on account of over-focus on marketing and advertisement, and often forgotten quality and the emotional connection with consumers. This is a dead end.
In the next phase of retailing we will witness the triumph of creativity over money. Not how much you spend is key, but how well you spend your money is key. The more important technology becomes, the more important everything becomes that technology cannot solve: talents, emotions, communication. Retail is an act of connection, even love, trust and familiarity. You can't animate or fake a real smile. Smart machines need ever smarter people. As the pace of consumer life goes up everywhere, retail needs to become more flexible and mobile. New store concepts, new ways to cope with consumers, creative solutions for pick up and delivery instead of an exclusive focus on real estate will bring the new era of retail: we are all becoming retailers of time. So we better take care.

More information will be given at Retail Summit (Jan31 - Feb1, 2012) - program details are available at www.retail21.cz
Summit is given with support of man important partners, platinum partners being Postovní sporitelna, a part of ČSOB, Pilsner Urquell and Telefónica.

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