What is the role of Shopper Marketing in digital media era?
Published 9/30/2011
Traditional media such as TV or leaflet communication dramatically loose efficiency. It is necessary to address today’s consumer in more efficient ways, directly in the store or using digital media. How to do it the best way possible and how to adapt to the growing generation of „digital natives“ – was the discussion of participants at  the conference Retail in Detail/Shopper Marketing on 27th September 2011 in Prague hotel Olympik Artemis.

Great number of this year  event participants (almost 170) was a prove that in today’s difficult era the task number one is to find the way to customers . Good choice of topics and speakers was confirmed ot only by attention the participants paid to all presentations, but also by a number of questions they asked.

The most interesting speaker in the first session was Miroslav Černý, who was sharing examples of specific experience of the retail chain Tesco on the question what has a greater influence on shopping decision – whether  traditional media or in-store communication. Audience appreciated good remarks, beneficial information and amusing performance. Communication understood as a “carpet air-raid” presenting up to six messages on POS action probably cannnot be working. On the other hand an illustration of digital campaign from Korean Tesco scored not only in Cannes but also at the conference. Very interesting topic of impact of listing brand goods in discount stores, including recommendations resulting from specific data from Lidl and Aldi on German market, was presented by Jochen Hartl from GfK Austria. It was only a pity he presented this interesting case study in a typically researcher’s way, which was not too much catching.

The more participants looked forward to the key note speaker who was opening the second session. Hugh Boyle, Global Digital Director of Ogilvy Action from Great Britain, did not fail. He emphasized that it is the matter of people and their readiness and not technologies and their availability that decide about forms of marketing, therefore timing of innovations is crucial. 40% of people aged up to 35 years check Facebook on their mobile phone as soon as they wake up in the morning. Not because they are fascinated by the technology, but because using it brings them some new value. Using many examples he had shown how communication of products and brands must adapt to the context of lifestyle and life situations of consumers.

Following speakers spoke about results in the Czech market. Jan Gažovský from Electro World showed how it is possible to combine advantages of on-line and off-line marketing and how the store modernization in cooperation with smart browsers helped Electro World to sell significantly higher number of more expensive products. Great revival was brought by Robert Janča presenting an interesting story of re-creating the brand Botas. Not only because following the example of Mr. Baťa he brought with him the new collection of trainers in well elaborated design, but because of his enthusiastic and authentic approach to the topic and interaction with participants. He was a reliable representation of the opinion that with the right enthusiasm and commitment it is possible to sell even expensive goods with higher margin in e-shop and it is really not necessary to work with discounts.

The afternoon discussion session promptly moderated by Tomáš Drtina from INCOMA – GfK brought information about the new restart of Category Management in Czech Republic under the head of a work group of ECR ČR/SR, and interesting case studies about optimization of products from the category of tooth care from GlaxoSmithKline and revival of the brand Lindt in stores using relevant story mediated via POS tools. The closing discussion was already influenced by tideness from the full whole day program, but in the written inquiry participants evaluated program in overall as more compact, integrated and better connected in presentations than in the last year.

Organizers will try to follow this trend and they will welcome ideas how to enhance the next year of the conference Retail in Detail/Shopper Marketing which will take place at the end of September 2012.

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