Leadership for Life focused on Strategy for Business in Unpredictable Times
Published 5/10/2012

Program of the second year of Leadership for Life conference was released.This unique event will take place on June 13, 2012 at Boscolo Hotel Prague. It brings inspiration for efficient company management by a combination of best practices from leadership in entrepreneurial and corporate environment.

How do you manage a company in a volatile and unpredictable market environment? 

This requires innovative approaches, based on a combination of best practices and knowledge from different types of companies and cultures. Professional, authentic and inspirational leadership play a key role. However, where can you find leadership resources and knowhow?

To offer you an inspiration for leadership in company management we have prepared a specially designed second year Leadership for Life Conference that will take place on June13, 2012 at Boscolo Hotel Prague.

It will provide powerful and unique content – the combination of best experience from entrepreneurial and corporate cultures, from the CR and from abroad. Foreign inspiration will come from three outstanding speakers from around the globe; Patrick Dixon (United Kingdom), Ty Bennett (U.S.), and Ricardo Levy (South and North America). All three are proven successful entrepreneurs, executives and outstanding communicators. They have spoken and worked with thousands of executives around the globe.

For the second part of the conference, top managers of major corporations (Martin Dlouhý of  Tesco and David Vrba of 3M Česko) will discuss and debate their experience, expertise and recommendations with leaders and company owners - Jannis Samaras (Kofola Holding) and Martin Hausenblas (Adler International).

"To be the right leader means to have the right people in the right positions, people who are curious and look to the future with a desire to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Such people often come up with novel innovative ideas.", says David Vrba, CEO, 3M Česko. Martin Hausenblas, Co-Founder, Adler International adds: “Everyone comes into this world with many gifts. If we use them for ourselves, we come to the accumulation of trophies of our success. If we are looking for, how to serve better to the whole, we fulfil the meaning of our life. I have made a commitment that I will never work for money without the sense of passion. On the contrary, what gives me sense, I will do gladly and free of charge. Passion reliably protects me against departing from my way.”

The program will culminate in a panel discussion, where the keynote speaker and Chairman of Global Change, Patrick Dixon, will together with leaders from the Czech Republic respond to the crucial question - Where to find certainty in uncertain times?

Patrick will also lead the Executive Leadership for Life workshop that will start with a gala dinner at Chateau Mcely on Wednesday evening, June 13, and take place on the following day, Thursday, June 14.

Conference program and participation conditions are listed on www.leadershipforlife.cz  


For more information please contact:
Barbora Krásná, Blue Events

Basic information:
When / Where: June 13, 2012, Hotel Boscolo Prague
Conference Web: www.leadershipforlife.cz   
When / Where: on the eve of June 13, 2012 + June 14, 2012, Chateau Mcely
Conference Web: www.leadershipforlife.cz