Retail Summit 2015 key note speaker, Dr. Jörg Wallner from think-tank 2bAHEAD, will focus on future of brick & mortar retail in the conditions of digital revolution
Published 12/3/2014

Key topic of Retail Summit 2015 (Prague, February 3 - 4, 2015) will be seeking for new paths. Program of this prestigeous event is full of presentations on innovations that are often connected with new technologies and mainly with explosion of e-commerce. In spite of this the key question majority of Retail Summit 2015 participants will ask touches perspectives of the current retail network and future of brick & mortar stores. Therefore the presentation of Dr. Jörg Wallner, the conference key note speaker, will focus on this crucial topic.

Jörg Wallner wasn't selected as a Retail Summit 2015 key note speaker by coincidence. He is director Innovation Management and Consulting of the prestigeous German think-tank "2b AHEAD" which focuses mainly on future and business of companies in the conditions of digital revolution. In the situation when the Czech and whole European retail is being influenced by retail chains from Germany, the opinion of German top expert is not just interesting, but also significant. Dr. Wallner gained his decree in Freie Universität in Berlin and he is giving lectures in Competence Center of Digital Economy in Hamburg. In his activity he focuses on advisory for corporations and start-ups, his key topics are innovations and efficient management.

At Retail Summit he will share his knowledge from just released studies of the think-tank "2b AHEAD" called "Future of Retail" and "From Internet to Outernet" that describe the most important changes that will appear in retail till 2020 and bring crucial strategic recommendations for retailers how to prepare for these. At the same time he will show examples of important break-through projects that brought success to selected brick & mortar stores operators in Europe and other parts of the world.

About Retail Summit 2015
When: February 3 - 4, 2015
Where: Congress Hotel Clarion, Prague

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