Leadership for Life: the first business conference, which has become a concert
Published 6/14/2013

Connection and balance of personal and professional lives were the main subjects of the third Leadership for Life Conference, which took place on June12, 2013 at the Boscolo hotel and was attended by 90 inspired managers and CEOs. How the Conference became a concert? The reason was the participation of two cooperating inspirational leaders from the United States who are interested in creating a synergy between music, art and business, as well as in balance ensuring a successful personal and professional life. Conference participants joined not only discussions on given issues but some of them also sang with the music and created thus an atmosphere of joyful open concert.

The first block of the Conference was moderated by James A. Cusumano (Chateau Mcely). David Surrenda (Leadership Edge) has launched the idea that: "everyone wants to find a balance between professional and personal life, but no one wants to get changed really". He gave practical examples how to find the way to self-awareness, how to become the Director of your own life. He defined internal working tools: self-awareness, breathing, active relaxation, mindfulness-awareness and attention, living in the present in your body and flowing - happy involvement in events.

Composer, performer, and the holder of many world music awards Gary Malkin talked, played, and sang about what music can become: : "Music is the last of the available drugs, remedy for the internal and external harmony, medicine for the soul and body. Music changes our body frequency and biochemical reactions by stress, helps the mind to get away from everyday stress, anchors the listener in the here and now." He also talked about the role of listening, and discovering the emptiness in ourselves. Gary believes that a successful business cannot be further developed without the inspiration of art: "Ask yourself: what makes your heart sing, for what you feel the passion? Get in touch with that!"

James A. Cusumano has then introduced his latest book Balance: The Business-Life Connection. "It isn’t what exactly you do in life", he says. "Once you determine that special skill that you were born with and you connect it with a positive need in the world, you will have found your life purpose."

The second part of the morning was devoted to a panel discussion led by Martin Martin Dokoupil (Blue Strategy). The participants were searching answers to the question of whether and to what extent can working and professional life be separated, how to be in touch with oneself and how to be an authentic leader. Very lively discussion revealed experience of Roman Stupka (crisis Manager, Window Holding), Martin Černohorský (Enabler, ET NETERA) and Milan Sameš (president of Ness Technologies). Milan concluded: "to search for a balance between life and work is immoral. There is only life, the work is a part of it.".

The afternoon part called Passion as the basis of success in business and beyond was moderated by Lucie Výborná (Czech Radio). Michal Horáček, writer and anthropologist spoke of two ancient philosophical schools – the one of Herakleitos and Platon and compared their definitions and views on God. Thoughts of Platon led to purely scientific explanations of the world, while Herakleitos reflected the openness and the randomness of perception. According to Horáček "these concepts should not stand against each other, but we should combine an advantage of scientific knowledge and our own experiences to create our own unique life."

Gary Malkin played the piano, sang his songs and talked about life and the awareness of its irreversible end. “Music is considered to be a powerful source of the miracle of human life that should be also a part of the business life.”

The final interview with Lubor Žalman focused on finding another path after he made the decision to finish the professional CEO carrier. He is dedicated to establish "an incubator for older and advanced", is looking for a way to be useful and thinks that "business is a good excuse for people to meet each other".

The Conference, which has become the concert was extremely lively, emotional and created a rich space for sharing ideas.

Leadership for Life was organized by Blue Events in cooperation with Chateau Mcely and with a support by Telefónica and Ness Technologies.

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