CZECH CONSTRUCTION FORUM 2015: How to prepare for better times? Maybe we should stop waiting for the enlightened help from above ...
Published 2/11/2015

Prague, 11. 2. 2015 – 11th year of the Czech Construction Forum will welcome representatives of major construction and development companies, investors and planners to discuss the opportunities for a brighter future in the construction industry.

Three weeks before the term there are already more than 150 delegates registered for the Czech Construction Forum showing interest not only in a great panel discussion with the participation of the Prime Minister and key Ministers of the Czech Government, but also in 5 afternoon parallel workshops. They provide a space for really detailed discussions about what is the engine and brake of the renewal of development in the construction industry, and how we could prepare for the better times.

Broadened scope of the Conference and enrichment by topics that are closer to developers and planners meets with an interest – within the framework of the afternoon workshops the most demanded on is just the specialized workshop "Urban concept and territorial plans" that will be led by Martin Krupauer from Atelier 8000. "How to prepare for better times? We have to decide whether to our starting point would be initiation or expectations of regulation. Initiation of thought and belief in the ability to have a vision, to make decisions and take responsibility for them, or rather, by contrast, to wait for the enlightened help from above", Krupauer indicates the direction of the discussion.

Another workshop "Forum of state administration" will deal with the specific experience of city halls, how to work with building laws, regulations and instructions not to brake investment, how to deal with controversial projects, how to conduct competitions, taking into account the quality of the supplier, and not only to the price, etc. "Some laws are not as bad, as badly they are often used ", says Miloslav Mašek from SPS, Czech Republic.

Other workshops are reflecting the needs of practical application of BIM (the process of creating and managing data on construction sites during their life cycle) or the standards for building contracts for investors and suppliers in international practice (FIDIC rules). And the section "Future talents" will focus on how young entrepreneurs or today's students could help to better times in the construction industry by injecting new energy and ideas to this somewhat conservative field.

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When: 10th March 2015
Where: Congress Hotel Clarion, Prague
Organizers: Blue Events and SPS ČR

More detailed information Antonín Parma, Blue Events

Media contact: Aneta Zímová, Blue Events